BC Lib­eral friends fail in at­tempt to block peo­ple from vot­ing in ref­er­en­dum

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The BC Lib­er­als’ big money friends, The In­de­pen­dent Con­trac­tors and Busi­nesses As­so­ci­a­tion, failed in their at­tempt to block the up­com­ing ref­er­en­dum on elec­toral re­form through the courts to­day. It’s clear though that Andrew Wilkin­son and the BC Lib­er­als don’t want Bri­tish Columbians to have their say on whether we should scrap our out­dated vot­ing sys­tem and make it more fair. First they tried to at­tack the ques­tion on the ref­er­en­dum Wilkin­son first claimed the ref­er­en­dum on how we vote is “un­demo­cratic,” and tried to sug­gest the ref­er­en­dum would “con­fuse vot­ers.” A let­ter from Chief Elec­toral Of­fi­cer An­ton Boeg­man re­jected that claim, say­ing “I be­lieve that this ques­tion is sim­ple and clear enough for vot­ers to un­der­stand. They are be­ing of­fered a dis­tinct choice be­tween the ex­ist­ing vot­ing sys­tem and a pro­por­tional rep­re­sen­ta­tion vot­ing sys­tem.” Af­ter that BC Lib­eral ar­gu­ment fell apart, they sup­ported their big money friends who tried, and failed, to block peo­ple through the courts from even vot­ing at all When their friends, The In­de­pen­dent Con­trac­tors and Busi­nesses As­so­ci­a­tion, launched their failed court in­junc­tion “to halt” the ref­er­en­dum from even hap­pen­ing and to bring big money back into politics, BC Lib­er­als quickly got in line to sup­port the at­tempt to block peo­ple from hav­ing their say. BC Lib­eral MLA Mike Mor­ris said it was “Great to see the con­sti­tu­tional chal­lenges.” His col­league Dan Davies said “I’m glad this is be­ing chal­lenged,” and other BC Lib­eral MLAs such as Doug Clovechuk and Mike Bernier also showed sup­port through so­cial me­dia. Andrew Wilkin­son also hinted “There’s a pos­si­bil­ity of chal­lenges in the courts” when asked if the BC Lib­er­als un­der his lead­er­ship would ac­cept the re­sults of the ref­er­en­dum. So why do Andrew Wilkin­son and the BC Lib­er­als want to stop peo­ple from hav­ing a say on how we vote?

Dianne Watts, who would be the BC Lib­eral leader if their own party had used the “first-past­the-post” sys­tem, let every­one know the real rea­son when she said “If we do not de­feat this ref­er­en­dum, there will be no ma­jor­ity. There will for­ever be a mi­nor­ity of BC Lib­er­als.” That’s be­cause with less than half of the votes in sev­eral elec­tions, the BC Lib­er­als man­aged to hold 100 per cent of the power for 16 years. They didn’t need to work with any­one, and peo­ple paid the price for it as life be­came less af­ford­able, and im­por­tant ser­vices, like health and ed­u­ca­tion, were cut year af­ter year. Andrew Wilkin­son and the BC Lib­er­als are look­ing out for their own best in­ter­ests. They don’t want you to have a say in how we vote, and they want to bring big money back into politics. “To­day’s rul­ing put peo­ple’s in­ter­ests over the in­ter­ests of the BC Lib­er­als and their big money friends,” said New Demo­crat MLA Ravi Kahlon. “It’s time for Andrew Wilkin­son and his friends at the top to stop the shenani­gans, and let the peo­ple de­cide on the fu­ture of vot­ing in B.C.”

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