‘Apol­ogy for Im­moral Act’

The Miracle - - Opinion - By: Gulshan Aalani;

The lib­eral Gov­ern­ment-P.M. Trudeau will of­fi­cially apol­o­gize in the House of com­mons on Nov. 7 for de­ci­sion to turn away Jewish refugees. In 1 3 , the MS St. Louis left Ger­many car­ry­ing 07 Ger­man Jewish pas­sen­gers flee­ing per­se­cu­tion by the Nazi regime look­ing for refuge in Canada, but they were turned away un­der the ‘None is Too Many’ im­mi­gra­tion pol­icy of the time. Trudeau called “our dis­crim­ina- tory, im­mi­gra­tion pol­icy.” When Ot­tawa re­fused to let the MS St. Louis pas­sen­gers dis­em­bark, the ship re­turned to (urope. Trudeau called the turn­ing away of the ship a “most egre­gious” ex­am­ple of the mis­guided pol­icy. “This was an ab­so­lute moral fail­ure on the part of the gov­ern­ment, and though of course an apol­ogy can’t bring the vic­tims back, we’re com­mit­ted to do­ing what we can to right this wrong”. Said Hon. P.M.

No doubt we are all aware of the tragedy of 1 14 de­ci­sion to turn away the .oma­gata Maru ship that was car­ry­ing 376 mi­grants, mostly Sikhs. They too got the apol­ogy. Apol­ogy and re­grets for other peo­ple’s wrong do­ings of dis­crim­i­na­tion, ha­tred and cru­elty proves hu­man care, also proves the ex­is­tence of good and evil. More­over, prov­ing the lack of right­eous­ness, mercy, po­lit­i­cal san­ity, ethics and moral val­ues. The tragedy in­creased by re­fusal of en­try to Jewish refugee who were forced to re­turn to (urope where 254 of those even­tu­ally died in the Holo­caust with many oth­ers. The tragedy of Holo­caust (Ha-Shoah) took place be­tween 1 33 and 1 45. In 1 21 Hitler be­came leader of the Nazi party. The Nazi were racist and be­lieved that their Aryan race was su­pe­rior to oth­ers. To them, an Aryan was any­one who was (uro­pean and not Jewish, Ro­many, or Slavic. In 1 34 Hitler be­came Ger­many’s head of state. He in­tro­duced an­tiSemitic laws which dis­crim­i­nated against Jewish peo­ple liv­ing in the ar­eas he con­trolled. Some of these laws meant that Jewish chil­dren could no longer go to school, keep pets or have a bi­cy­cle. Un­be­liev­able cru­elty, Child abuse and dic­ta­tor­ship of hate-mon­ger. The Nazis be­lieved that Jews were a prob­lem that needed to be re­moved. The same sa­tanic be­lief of ha­tred of Mus­lims is vis­i­ble in Geno­cide of Ro­hingya Mus­lims by the no­to­ri­ous Burmese Mil­i­tary and Aung San, pros­e­cu­tion and worst ha­tred of Pales­tinian, is like Hitler is re­born. The mass killings of the Holo­caust were what Hitler called “The Fi­nal So­lu­tion”. Such evil acts can­not be called ‘so­lu­tion’. Yet, even to­day the same sick­ness of ha­tred, po­lit­i­cal in­san­ity and evil killing is on go­ing. Although, none of the above tragedies was heard in my coun­try (. Africa: we never heard of Holo­caust, .oma­gata Maru, 2 W-WARS. One won­ders why is it called WW Africa wasn’t in­volved in any 2 wars Thus, com­ing to Canada the Gates of knowl­edge opened up for us, we dis­cov­ered Qu­ran, Is­lam and gained knowl­edge of Di­vine Scrip­tures, as well be­came aware of all of the tragedies that gave shiver to the Spine, watch­ing the T9 doc­u­men­tary on hor­rific Holo­caust, and Atomic Bomb­ing of Hiroshima & Na­gasaki, peo­ple burn­ing from ex­plo­sion, Black Mush­room Cloud ris­ing, and the rain wa­ter turned black. “It was like Hell, this was the Bud­dhist hell”. Said So­ci­ol­o­gist.

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