Any­thing Is within Your Reach!

The Miracle - - Women - By: Shab­nam Khan - Fam­ily Coun­sel­lor info:shab­nam@skcoun­

There is noth­ing that is dif­fi­cult or easy but it is only our per­cep­tion that maNes it looN so. Any worN seen as a whole may be threat­en­ing but when di vided into parts be­comes sim­ple and easy. In­stead of be­ing da ed by the mag­ni­tude of the tasN start worNing and even if you do a lit­tle ev­ery­day within a short pe­riod of time you will be sur­prised by your achieve­ments. The prob­lem with many of us is that even at an ini­tial stage we are baf­fled by the enormi ty of the tasN and give it up as an easy way es­cape. If we are sin­cere in un­der­taNing a Mob we would an­a­lyse ways and means of do­ing it. /acN of sin­cer­ity and er­ro­neous per­cep­tion of­ten fright­ens us from un­der taNing any tasN. When we have strong will power the goal alone will re­main con­stant in our mem­ory and every chal­lenge that comes our way will con­vert into an op­por tu­nity for achiev­ing our obMec­tive. As we are con­di­tioned by ex­ter­nal in­flu ences both en­vi­ron­men­tal and in­di­vid­ual some­times some un­fa­vor­able events hap pen on which we have no con­trol. These un­fa­vor­able events maNe a neg­a­tive im­pact on our ef­fects and may throw us into a de spon­dent mood. The best thing is to face sit­u­a­tions worN out a strat­egy to get over dif­fi­cul­ties and with will power go ahead with life. uch an ap­proach to taNe on chal lenges is called char­ac­ter which is es­sen­tial for achieve­ments in life. What is im­por­tant is your per­cep­tion of things and sit­u­a­tions. It is the faith in our abil­ity to re­trieve lost ground and the ac­tion we taNe which are two im por­tant things that maNes any achieve ment pos­si­ble. Thin­Ning and plan­ning are es­sen­tial but with­out posi tive ac­tion all the time spent on plan­ning would be wast ed. In the ab­sence of strong will we eas­ily get shat­tered by neg­a­tive events that cross the paths of our en­deavor. We must have ab­so­lute con­fi­dence in our selves and that alone will bring out our in ner strength. There is no point in asNing our­selves Will it be pos­si­ble for me In stead of doubt­ing your ca­pa­bil­ity re­peat the state­ment It is pos­si­ble for me . Any­thing and (ve ry­thing Is Within our 5each.

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