Waan lay sa lil in sa ni illa ma' sa' aa

The Miracle - - Opinion - By: Gul­shan Aalani

Re­li­gious Ri­valry, can­not end un­less mankind would fol­low most im­por­tant rules of re­spect and sym­pa­thy’, to bring har­mony and sol­i­dar­ity in the most to ic world that is full of anger and ha­tred of each other mainly on re­li­gious is­sues. In some cases it is shown the most heinous way by killing the in­no­cent ones like the killing of -ewish wor­shipers in the Syn­a­gogue. Our hearti­est con­do­lences to the sur­vivor- vic­tims. I per­son­ally have e pe­ri­enced the most hor­ren­dous abuses of Is­lam, Qu­ran, and per­sonal abuses by filthy pornog­ra­phy emails call­ing me kafir for ac­cept­ing Is­lam. but keeping in mind the per­fect tol­er­ance of Prophet 0uham­mad SAWS against his en­e­mies, helped me a lot. Al­though to keep such pa­tience is not pos­si­ble for us the or­di­nary peo­ple. Though, such abuses are due to the lack of re­spect, un­der­stand­ing and recog­ni­tion of the Di­vine au­thor­ity of the Uni­ver­sal &reator GOD, there­fore, it is ut­most es­sen­tial to make them aware of the truth of re­al­ity of Di­vine au­thor­ity of GOD and HIS fi­nal 0es­sen­ger SAWS. With­out doubt the abusers of Al­lah’s re­li­gion, HIS Di­vine Book of fi­nal Rev­e­la­tion Qu­ran, HIS fi­nal Prophet, and fe­male Uni­form of HiMab should be pun­ished un­der the blas­pheme law to teach them a les­son of good con­duct and re­spect. At the same time we must not for­get to use the same Mus­tice sys­tem of Prophet SAWS, who

was known as most noble, trust­wor­thy, truth­ful, pa­tient and had good re­la­tion­ship with -ews, &hris­tians and other tribes even be­fore and af­ter his Prophet-hood. Such of his char­ac­ters re­flected in his daily life. When the Prophet was in­vited for din­ner, a non-0us­lim Host­ess poi­soned his food to kill him, he was warned by Al­lah of poi­soned food, she was caught and ac­cepted her guilt, but in­stead of pun­ish­ing her he for­gave her. Sub­hanAl­lah. He also for­gave the 1eigh­bor who was throw­ing garbage at his house en­trance. In other oc­ca­sion the town peo­ple out of ha­tred throw­ing stones at him, he was in­Mured, bleed­ing, and the An­gel ap­peared and asked for his per­mis­sion to de­stroy his en­e­mies, but he an­swered 1o, they don’t know me yet, give them time to un­der­stand my mis­sion from GOD . Sim­i­larly 0es­siah -esus (AS on the &ross said )ather, for­give them for they do not know what they are do­ing . A street walker at the Wa­ter Well saw a thirsty Dog and fed him wa­ter from the Well us­ing her shoe, due to her ac­tion of sym­pa­thy and em­pa­thy, pleas­ing to Al­lah, her past sins were for­given and she earned a place in Par­adise. So shar­ing cup with &hris­tian can’t be il­le­gal. In case of )arm labourer Pak­istani &hris­tian lady Aasiya Bibi ac­cused of in­sult­ing the Prophet SAWS, spent yrs in prison and now acTuit­ted but with lots of op­po­si­tion, prov­ing anti-sharia- anti-Prophet prac­tice.

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