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The Miracle - - Opinion - By: Imam Syed So­har­wardy

(&al­gary The Islamic Supreme

&oun­cil 0us­lims strongly ror­ist Syn­a­gogue at­tacks Against con­demn of in &anada on Pitts­burgh, Ter­ror­ism the Satur­day’s Tree (IS&& of (0AT USA. /ife and terAn Robert al­leged D. Bow­ers, ter­ror­ist , iden­ti­fied a Pitts­burgh as res­i­dent shot wor­shipers dur­ing Shab­bat ser­vices, killing 11 and wound­ing si in the dead­li­est at­tack on -ews in the his­tory of the United States. It is shock­ing and e tremely dis­ap­point­ing that hate is on the rise. 1o one is safe, not even wor­shipers in the sanc­tu­ar­ies. , said Imam Syed So­har­wardy when ar­rived yes­ter­day in &al­gary from his visit to 9at­i­can &ity where he met Pope )ran­cis.

Islamic ada ror­ism and stand Supreme the 0us­lims shoul­der &oun­cil Against to shoul­der of &an- Ter­with the -ewish com­mu­nity in Pitts­burgh and around the world. We e press our deep sym­pa­thies and con­do­lences with the vic­tims and their fam­i­lies. We pray for the speedy re­cov­ery of those who were wounded.

We urge all peo­ple of faith to unite against all forms of dis­crim­i­na­tion, racism, hate and vi­o­lence. IS&& and 0AT strongly con­demn all forms of anti-Semitism, Anti&hris­tian and Is­lam­o­pho­bia. The only way we can save our so­ci­ety from such hate-mon­gers is to unite as peo­ple of faiths. We keep our dif­fer­ences in be­liefs, but we all share our com­mon hu­man­ity and its values. We need to safe­guard what we share. )irst of all it was ab­so­lutely wrong and ab­surd to op­pose her drink­ing wa­ter from the same &up Must be­cause she was a &hris­tian. If it was for the other com­mon rea­sons of the dan­ger of shar­ing the cup for the health hazard that is un­der­stood, but pro­vok­ing her was wrong. It is un­der­stood that in anger most un­de­sir­able things are ut­tered, es­pe­cially when it comes to the re­li­gious ri­valry, we be­come friends of Satan and in­sult the Prophet and the Holy Rev­e­la­tion Qu­ran. /et’s keep in mind to fol­low the best of tra­di­tion of Prophet SAWS, fol­low his ways, deal with pure Mus­tice, and not our own whims and de­sires full of anger and ha­tred. We need fol­low­ing clar­i­fi­ca­tion from the Pak­istan au­thor­ity. Why did she use the same cup Did it be­long to the 0us­lim lady only who obMected to her us­ing her cup Why did she leave her cup there Why didn’t the )arm au­thor­ity keep more cups Why didn’t they in­form the work­ers not to use other peo­ple’s &ups Was Aasiya Bibi made aware of what sin has she com­mit­ted by in­sult­ing the Prophet Was she asked to apol­o­gize Her apol­ogy should have been suf­fi­cient. How­ever, a 0other of chil­dren shouldn’t have im­pris­oned for yrs. (1aouzoobil­lah . -ust think what the Prophet’s ver­dict would be )or­give her and let her go free.

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