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20 Safar 30,1440H November 9, 2018 woMen By Asma Shums : There is no fun in medicine There is no medicine like fun U $DILD 6LGGLT L DSSHDOV 30 ,PUDQ WR KHOS KHU JHW R W RI SULVRQ U $DILD V EMHFWHG WR SK VLFDO VH DO DE VH LQ 86 GHWHQWLRQ FHQWHU for her repatriation so that she can serve her remaining sentence in Pakistan, where her modesty and privacy would not be interfered with. Aafia’s sister Fowzia Siddiqui submitted the report of the consul general’s May 23 meeting with her. The report presents details of the miserable state of Aafia, who is being detained, and details of her struggles to protect her dignity, integrity and respect paint a different picture altogether. It is recommended that a detailed note be sent to the US Department of Justice for an inquiry into the allegations of physical and sexual abuse Aafia spoke of. CG Farooqui also suggested suggested a formal request to be made to the US Department of Justice to restrict male staff members into her unit and to ensure her safety. Aafia has accused the male staffer of urinating on her possessions. ISLAMABAD: A confidential report prepared by Pakistan’s consul general in Houston, United States of America, of her visit to Dr Aafia Siddiqui claimed that she was subjected to physical and sexual abuse during her ongoing detention. Consul General Aisha Farooqui visited Aafia at the Federal Medical Center in Carswell, Texas. The report recommends diplomatic authorities to take up the case at the highest levels to find a way FREE PUBLIC community FORUM STOP SAUDI AGGRESSION & KILLINGS! Speakers: ► ► AZZA ROJBI SHAKeR AL ABEIDI MAWO EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER & TUNISIAN SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVIST YEMENIS-CANADIAN SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVIST violation of human rights by saudi arabia - from khashoggi to yemen FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30 2018 7: 30pm MOBILIZATION AGAINST WAR & OCCUPATION ( MAWO) Britannia community centre Canucks family room 1661 NaPIER ST. @ commercial Dr. vancouver, canada @MAWO_VAN J WWW. MAWOVANCOUVER. ORG We have many festivals coming ina year. These three festivals are festivals of different cultures. There are a lot of sales going on as well. The things, such as decorations, are prepared way before the event date. Common One thing very common for any festival celebrated throughout the world is that people become joyous. We all clean our homes, throwaway junk, think of others who are less fortunate and try to include them too. We bring new clothes, household items and any major things we were waiting to buy. We decorate our house, wear good clothes and dress up. We also cook many items. We call family over and friends to celebrate with us. There is a lot of joy surrounding our celebration. There is a lot of positivity and kindness surrounding our festival too. Even if we have some small or big problems in our life, we put them on a pause and feel less depressed. Everybody celebrates according to their means but everyone is happy. Traditions All our festivals, rituals, these traditions are passed from generations to generations. The children see, observe their parents with family and friends. They participate every year, learn some things and then begin to follow them. When they become parents, they follow and their children follow on. Some children follow, some have different opinions but the spirit of festival affects all. Diversity How about as a parent, we make it a point ot know the detail story behind each Eid? We explain them to our children, the story and moral behind them. We cannot celebrate other religions holidays but we need to provide for an alternative to our children. Our respect for other peo- ple’s choice of practicing their religion does not mean we need to follow it out of insecurity or acceptance in the community. We need our children to grow up with fond memories that don’t require disobeying God. World: A Global Village We live and work in a modern world surrounded by technology and a shaping environment where everything is one click away. The world of communication is powerful with phone, internet, facebook, instagram etc. We work with people of all nationalities and religions. It is necessary for all of us to work in harmony, peace and co-ordination. This can be achieved by broad-minded tolerance, respectful attitude. This is necessary for the progress of humanity and nations at large. History is a witness to this. This must be taught from childhood. Info: Asma Shums

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