Did You Eat?

The Miracle - - Women - By: Asma Sh­mas


his is the first and all time, most asked ques­tion by lady of the house to every­body. This is as if the most, first ex­pected ques­tion & con­cern from her. Ef­fects of Me­dia

Whether we agree, like or ac­cept or not, but when we are shown ev­ery­where on tele­vi­sion, movies, dra­mas, all moth­ers and wives are shown to ask this and such ques­tions. There is noth­ing wrong in it, in fact this is first duty of women to take care about food but it is not the only thing one should be ask­ing. Many times men­tal food is more im­por­tant than phys­i­cal food. The con­ver­sa­tion, in­ter­est taken by moms should not be lim­ited to just serv­ing them only. Moms and wives need to fo­cus first on con­ver­sa­tions apart from food to daily life and in­ter­est­ing things dur­ing the day. Moth­ers or wives or sis­ters only re­la­tion need not be stereo­typed as we are used to see­ing, ex­posed to how it is por­trayed. We are hu­man be­ings with in­tel­li­gence, per­son­al­ity and knowl­edge. When we are with our fam­ily mem­bers, tak­ing part in ac­tiv­i­ties of our own, do­ing some work or hobby, we can re­late to oth­ers bet­ter.

New World with old dye

Our ba­sic life­style, thought are still go­ing to be some but they are af­fected by new chang­ing per­spec­tives of modern world life. Life is more de­mand­ing, more chal­leng­ing now. All hu­man be­ings are ex­pected to be more smart, ef­fi­cient, stylish and multi tasked. All new changes not bad or harm­ful. The new mantra of life is con­stantly pro­gress­ing and in­creas­ing one’s knowl­edge and ef­fi­ciency.

Mom, you don’t know any­thing! For­get it...

This is most com­monly heard in our homes by moms from teenage or young chil­dren. Mother thinks, it is we who used to teach you right from how to walk to your stud­ies and now you are telling us this. OK, lets ad­mit there is some ounce of truth in it. Why have we let our­selves look dumb when we are not, why have we made our­selves stag­nant, stale and lim­ited to just serv­ing peo­ple just give over com­fort and royal treat­ment. We should do our du­ties lov­ingly but at the same time we should also be aware of whats hap­pen­ing, how our world is chang­ing. We also should not lose in­ter­est in life and be an ob­ject.

Arise, awake and en­joy

What­ever we are a mom, aunt, grand­mom does not mat­ter. Lets re­vive our skills, our qual­i­ties, lets learn some­thing if needed, lets try to un­der­stand new world. Lets take in­ter­est in life, dif­fer­ent things other than TV and dra­mas. We have dif­fer­ent lev­els of per­son­al­i­ties and in­tel­li­gence. Info: Asma Shums <as­[email protected]

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