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Im­por­tant Di­vine sym­bols ‘Kaba’ The first House of wor­ship for mankind

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M ost amaz­ingly the Di­vine Signs and sym­bols in­clud­ing the Multi-na­tional Multi tribes and Is­lamic prac­tices are con­nected to Cre­ator-GOD rep­re­sent­ing HIM and HIS Prophets, which are in­ter­twined like the Olympic col­or­ful rings, pre­sent­ing the re­al­ity of di­vine au­thor­ity of Al­lahCreator of the Uni­verse, Supreme Be­ing Lord of the heav­ens and earth. Sci­en­tif­i­cally, proven the Big Bang the­ory. HE is the orig­i­na­tor of the Heav­ens and Earth (Qu­ran 6-101). “Do not the un­be­liev­ers see that the Heav­ens and the earth were joined (en­tity) to­gether as one unit of cre­ation be­fore WE clove them asun­der? WE made from wa­ter ev­ery liv­ing thing. Qu­ran 21:30 “And the heaven, WE built it with crafts­man­ship and We are still ex­pand­ing it”. (Q.51-47). Right from the be­gin­ning of this world to to­day, the mirac­u­lous signs and sym­bols are still present to­day. The most mag­nif­i­cent huge Sky, Huge Moun­tains as Pegs, (Q.78: 6), 7 Gates of Heav­ens and Hell, So­lar sys­tem, Plan­ets, as­ter­oids, Comets, me­te­oroids, beau­ti­ful glit­ter­ing Stars like Di­a­monds, the shin­ing Sun, the mag­nif­i­cent Moon:

“all the ce­les­tial bod­ies swim along, each in its rounded course (Q. 21:33): “Do you not see how HE cre­ated 7 Heav­ens in lay­ers, and placed the Moon as a Light in them and made the Sun a blaz­ing Lamp? (Qu­ran 71-15, 16). Most ex­tra­or­di­nary, Mt. Hira-Ja­bal al Noor, Mt. Si­nai and Mt. Arafat still stands in the Sa­cred land pre­sent­ing Prophet Moses (AS), Mes­sen­ger Muham­mad (SAWS) and Adam (AS) and his wife Eve-Hawa (RA) who met again at Mt. Arafat after com­ing down from Heaven for dis­obe­di­ence of Di­vine law of ‘For­bid­den Tree’, mis­guided and trust­ing the evil spirit Satan-anti-Al­lah-Cre­ator-GOD. Ex­is­tence of Trees, beau­ti­ful Flow­ers that we use for Fu­ner­als, and wed­dings, male, fe­male, Birth, death, An­gels, Jinn, Prophets, Da­j­jal-an­tiChrist-anti-GOD, con­cept of Ha­lal, Har­ram, for­bid­den Tree, and be­lief of One Cre­ator-GOD rep­re­sent­ing HIM and HIS au­thor­ity. Still in ex­is­tence the mirac­u­lous old­est Well of Zam Zam wa­ter pre­sent­ing Lady Hagar wife of Prophet Abra­ham (AS) and his first born Son Ish­mael. The Holy Well is still pro­vid­ing Holy Wa­ter to mil­lions of Pil­grims. “it is HE who sends down the rain from the sky, from it ye drink and out of it grows the Veg­e­ta­tion on which ye feed your Cat­tle: with it He pro­duces corn, olives date palms grapes, and ev­ery kind of fruits. (Q 16-4-11)

****** Life giv­ing Wa­ter is so im­por­tant that Mes­sen­ger Muham­mad SAWS said: Re­spect wa­ter and Drink it sit­ting down. It is HE who has left free the two bod­ies of flow­ing wa­ter; one palat­able and sweet, the other salty and bit­ter, yet has HE made a bar­rier between them, a par­ti­tion that is for­bid­den to be passed. 25-53// Bar­rier between wa­ter di­vides the Sea:-- bar­rier which they do not transgress”. (55-22). Seren­ity and den­sity in At­lantic ocean; ocean lay­ers of dark­ness; dark part of ocean com­pose of 7 col­ors -rays (Q. 35-12/ 25-53). Anatomy, de­vel­op­ment, bi­ol­ogy and Di­vine re­al­ity of the in­ter­nal stages of con­cep­tion to for­ma­tion of the body: for­ma­tion in the 3 Veils of dark­ness, from 6 days of fer­til­iza­tion to all com­po­nents formed by 40 days, and ev­ery child is blown with the spirit of GOD. Cere­bral Con­tex: The frontal lobe.

The part of the brain that is re­spon­si­ble for move­ment is said to be seized if the man does not stop. When some­one lies or com­mits a sin, as the Qu­ran has said, “A ly­ing, sin­ful naseyah (front of the head)!” (Q. 96-15, 16). Also still stands the prophe­cies and Sci­en­tific dis­cov­ery about the Global warm­ing, the Ge­o­log­i­cal con­di­tion of Saudi Ara­bia: “The North Po­lar Ice­berg mov­ing slowly to south ward close to Ara­bian penin­sula”. “Ara­bian penin­sula again will be­come the land of Or­chards and river. “Last hour will not come un­til the land of Arab penin­sula filled with wa­ter. Though, no body knows when the last hour will be. One of the most im­por­tant Di­vine sym­bols ‘Kaba’, the first House of wor­ship for mankind to wor­ship One GOD, was first built by H. Adam (AS) on GOD’s in­struc­tion in the most sa­cred City of Makkah: later it was al­most de­stroyed by the Pa­gans wor­shipers of hu­man gods but then re-built by Prophet Abra­ham (AS) and his first born son Prophet Ish­mael (AS), whose in­tended sacri­fice to please GOD was in fact a test of GOD, and still cel­e­brated as an EID of Sacri­fice-Eid Ul Adha. In­clud­ing the Astro­nom­i­cal 14c old prac­tice of Hajj (Hag in He­brew, go­ing round in cir­cle) anti-clock­wise 7 times cir­cum­am­bu­la­tion of the Kaba

re­flects the Or­bital move­ment, also co­in­cides with the ‘Phy­lac­tery’ the Cube shape of Kaba con­tain­ing parch­ment of To­rah, Deut. & Ex­o­dus: Phy­lac­tery worn and wound 7 times around on the left arm fac­ing the heart and on the fore­head, given by Prophet Moses (AS) to his peo­ple at the time of his res­cue mis­sion of Is­raelite slaves from the claws of no­to­ri­ous King Pharaoh, as a ‘Sign’ of GOD, say­ing “Let my peo­ple go”, and to leave the Pyra­mid Tri­an­gu­lar Slav­ery sys­tem to the Cu­bic Square Sys­tem of Free­dom in the De­sertAra­bia land. (Ref. Writer Avi Lip­kin). Ex­o­dus-free­dom of slaves by Prophet Moses (AS) was the most sig­nif­i­cant pe­riod cel­e­brated as an Eid Day on 10th of Ashura by our Jew­ish and Is­raelites brethren, by fast­ing one day in grat­i­tude to Al­lah and later in Is­lamic pe­riod Mes­sen­ger Muham­mad (SAWS) rec­om­mended to Mus­lims to con­tinue to cel­e­brate the vic­tory of Prophet Moses (AS) and thank Al­lah for help­ing him and fast

2 days of Ashura in Is­lamic new year month Muhar­ram, show­ing grat­i­tude to Al­lah.. That was also an era of re­ceiv­ing 10 com­mand­ments from Cre­ator-GOD, also the time of a right­eous Pri­est and a Fa­ther in Law of Prophet Moses (AS) Jethro, known as Mid­i­an­ite-Ish­maelites de­scen­dant of Prophet Ish­mael (AS) the first born of Prophet Abra­ham (AS) who was an­tiI­dol wor­ship­ing said to his Fa­ther:

“Tak­est thou Idols for gods?”

(Q. 6: 71, 74). “Shall we call on oth­ers be­sides GOD things that can do us nei­ther good nor harm: “Why wor­ship that which heareth not and seeth not and can profit thee noth­ing? (Q.19 42). Such of­fen­sive wor­ship of hu­man god Baal (Bhag­wan) was de­stroyed. (Ref. Bi­ble). The signs of ‘in­ter­twine’ are show­ing in mil­lions of Mus­lims of dif­fer­ent tribes, com­mu­ni­ties of dif­fer­ent re­li­gious per­sua­sion in­ter­twined as one, by con­tin­u­ing the faith­ful­ness to Cre­ator GOD and HIS fi­nal re­li­gion Is­lam known as re­li­gion of Prophet Abra­ham (AS) of wor­ship of

ONE CRE­ATOR-GOD- that was preached by all the Prophets and Mes­sen­gers who too were Mus­lims -who­ever obeys GOD’S com­mand­ments are known as Mus­lims. Such Mil­lions of obe­di­ent ser­vants of GOD con­sists of Qu­raish, Arabs, Jews, 12 tribes of Bani Is­rael-Ja­cob (AS), the Kash­miris, Per­sians, Pun­jabis, Assyr­i­ans, Hin­dus-In­di­ans-Aryans, Bani Manasseh-Manu, Ethiopi­ans, So­ma­lians, Asians, Africans, etc. Known as cho­sen peo­ple but after obey­ing and ac­cept­ing Cre­ator’s fi­nal Reve­la­tion con­tin­ued the covenant with HIM, climbed the fi­nal step of grad­u­a­tion, ful­filled the Will of Al­lah and be­came twice cho­sen and fa­vorite. Ku­dos to the above tribes of Mil­lions of Mus­lims glo­ri­fy­ing the Cre­ator-GOD and rep­re­sent­ing the Kaba and its 4 cor­ners - N.S.E.W. Their du­ti­ful covenant declar­ing to mankind: Your prob­lem is my prob­lem”, and ask­ing for help to One Cre­ator-GOD. Ar­ti­cle spon­sored By: Sr..Gul­shan Alani

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