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What have we got to of­fer each other? What is our past bal­ance sheet say­ing? Are all our past ac­counts taken care of? Done with it ? New game with new equip­ment? By now many of us must have al­ready made some new year’s res­o­lu­tions and even bro­ken some as well. Let’s have a look at some of them. 1. I will get up early 2. I will study hard 3. I will ex­er­cise daily 4. I will keep calm, won’t lose tem­per 5. I will not lie, cheat etc. 6. I will take out time for fam­ily and friends 7. I will.... etc etc. ou can add some from your own list too. It is not hard to make a res­o­lu­tion but to make a nice, beau­ti­ful, sweet, in­tel­li­gent res­o­lu­tion is one thing and to stick to it and achieve it an­other thing. At the 3rd or 4th month of the year, our own glo­ri­ous res­o­lu­tions look alien to us. Still, as we are look­ing for­ward to keep tra­di­tions and cus­toms alive. Let us look at some res­o­lu­tions, (we wish) for par­ents from chil­dren’s point of view. As a good par­ent: • I will lov­ingly wake up my chil­dren, with soft hello rather than shout­ing at them to get uo be­cause its get­ting too late. • I will not be eat­ing their heads for tak­ing proper break­fast on time, keep­ing dishes in the sink, not throw­ing tow­els and shoes here and there and so on and on. • (p.s. if I can al­low big boy called hus­band to do so then why not chil­dren? At least for some­time). • I will not no­tice or say a word on un­tidy state of the room, in gen­eral or in par­tic­u­lar. • I will def­i­nitely think for think­ing about al­low­ing them for more par­ty­ing with friends. (Re­ally?) • I will fig­ure out some way for house­work rather than ask­ing chil­dren all the time for help. • Dress­ing?? I will first look at fash­ion trends and other teenagers around and feel bet­ter that at least my chil­dren are still dress­ing de­cently. • I will think pos­i­tive all the time even if my blood group is not, even if it is rather boil­ing with their be­hav­iour. Come on guys! Wake up! ou would not like to see same res­o­lu­tions from par­ent’s point of view. Let’s have some sen­si­ble and prac­ti­cal joint res­o­lu­tions: 1.We as a fam­ily will be al­ways stand­ing with each other no mat­ter what. 2.We all will have some rou­tine, some sched­ule to fol­low and stick to it., let it be ex­er­cise, study­ing or work­ing. 3.We all will meet at least once ev­ery day, have meal to­gether. 4.We all will dis­cuss about each other’s stud­ies, work, am­bi­tions and help and guide each other. 5.We will plan pic­nics, out­ings and trips with the fam­ily more often. 6.We will be more of a giver than ex­pect­ing favours. 7.We will keep our fam­ily at­mos­phere lov­ing, nice, sym­pa­thetic, open hearted and en­cour­ag­ing. 8.We will all keep some hob­bies in­di­vid­u­ally as well as to­gether. 9.If we have some prob­lems, we will dis­cuss and sort them out. 10.We will re­spect each other and ac­cept each other with all good and not so good points. Let us all smile af­ter all we are en­ter­ing the year of sweet 2019 Info:

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