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We sim­ply can’t start this week’s pro­ceed­ings with­out men­tion­ing the Pic­tou County fig­ure skaters who will com­pete at the Canada Games this com­ing Fe­bru­ary. Brooke Pen­ning­ton, Cameron Boul­ter and Jai­lyn El­liott are the lat­est in a long line of Pic­tou County skaters who have achieved success in their sport.

You could prob­a­bly fill an ice skat­ing rink with all the tro­phies and medals that fig­ure skaters from this area have won over the years.

Some peo­ple might make fun of the sport, but that’s just out of plain ig­no­rance, an ex­am­ple of peo­ple not know­ing that they don’t know (to bor­row a phrase from Pic­tou County box­ing coach Jim Worthen). When you learn to rec­og­nize the in­cred­i­ble ath­letic abil­ity that top-flight fig­ure skaters pos­sess and the hard work they put in, you gain a greater un­der­stand­ing and ap­pre­ci­a­tion for their ef­fort.

I’ve men­tioned this be­fore, but Kaet­lyn Os­mond, the reign­ing Cana­dian and world cham­pion, made an ap­pear­ance in 2016 at the Pic­tou County Well­ness Cen­tre and put on quite a dis­play. I don’t even know if she emp­tied the cham­ber that night, or just showed us a lit­tle bit of what she can do. Either way, it doesn’t mat­ter, be­cause it was daz­zling to watch one of the world’s best do her thing, right here in Pic­tou County. That’s right, daz­zling.

Non-Sports Thought of the Week:

■ There’s been some ex­cite­ment this week about the hand­ing out of X rings at St.FX Univer­sity, as the grad­u­ates re­ceive their cov­eted rings and get geared up for that one fi­nal pub crawl.

When­ever I see some­one wear­ing an X ring, I think to my­self: those look quite os­ten­ta­tious and could be (should be) smaller and less grandiose.

Re­ally, it’s not like you went to Har­vard, Prince­ton or Hol­land Col­lege.

Still though, let’s keep this pos­i­tive: con­grat­u­la­tions to all the X grads on get­ting that ring: you be­long to an ex­clu­sive club that only has thou­sands and thou­sands upon tens of thou­sands of mem­bers.

And I’ll tell ’ya, if you want a real ed­u­ca­tion, spend a few months liv­ing on some dor­mant farm on Van­cou­ver Is­land, miles and miles from any­thing in­ter­est­ing, or in a down­town room­ing house in Hamil­ton, Ont., where the stab­bings and ran­dom beat­downs await, just out­side the front door.

That’ll smarten you up, in no time.

Other Sports Thoughts:

■ I’m one of those Leafs fans who didn’t care if they signed Wil­liam Ny­lan­der and I al­most wish they hadn’t, al­though it’s a very trade­able con­tract should the Leafs de­cide to go that route.

The Leafs have enough guys who can score and set up goals, so it’s not like they are des­per­ate for of­fence, but the real prob­lem is that some of them will be get­ting huge con­tracts very soon.

If we didn’t live in a salary cap world, I’d be like, ‘wel­come back, Wil­lie! The more the mer­rier!”

But we no longer live in that world.

■ I’m start­ing to think the Ot­tawa Se­na­tors will some­day move to Que­bec City.

■ The Na­tional Hockey League just awarded an ex­pan­sion team to the City of Seat­tle, mean­ing there will be 32 teams in the NHL by the year 2021 (about eight teams too many). Also, the NHL will get an ex­pan­sion fee of $650 mil­lion (me thinks it’s about the money, Mr. Bettman), just for let­ting Seat­tle in to its al­ready bloated party.

Kevin Adshade is a writer with The News. His column ap­pears each Satur­day.

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