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Do your eat­ing habits need a makeover? De­spite our good in­ten­tions, there are times we all get off track. To re­fresh your diet, sim­ply start with the 3 E’s:


Eat early. Break­fast is the best way to start your day. It “breaks the fast” af­ter a night of not eat­ing and boosts your en­ergy for the day ahead. If time is short in the morn­ing, try get­ting part of your break­fast ready the night be­fore.

Build a com­plete meal at break­fast. In­clude fruit or veg­eta­bles, grains and pro­tein. Think out­side the ce­real box with these tasty sug­ges­tions:

■ Whole wheat tor­tilla spread with peanut but­ter and wrapped around a banana.

■ Scram­bled eggs, mashed av­o­cado and to­mato slices on an English muf­fin.

■ Green smoothie (fruit, spinach, yo­gurt and milk).

■ Oat­meal, ground flaxseed, berries and milk. In a rush? Try plain in­stant oat­meal. It is unsweet­ened, so you can con­trol how much sweet­ness you add.

■ Whole wheat waf­fles topped with banana slices and wal­nuts.

■ Whole grain bagel topped with cheese and to­mato.

■ Yo­gurt par­fait (Greek yo­gurt, fruit and dry ce­real).

Ev­ery three to five hours

Eat small fre­quent meals and snacks to spread your calo­ries through­out the day. This helps in­crease your en­ergy and pre­vents overeat­ing. When you go too long be­tween meals, you get so hun­gry that it is hard to make healthy choices. Every­thing starts to look good, es­pe­cially those high-su­gar and high-fat com­fort foods. You are more likely to eat quickly and

eat too much. These ex­tra calo­ries can lead to weight gain.

Have a snack if there are more than three to five hours be­tween your meals. Put healthy snacks on your gro­cery list so you al­ways have them on hand. Speedy Snacks:

■ Ap­ple slices with al­mond but­ter

■ Cel­ery sticks with peanut


■ Choco­late milk

■ Canned fruit and cot­tage cheese

■ Home­made trail mix (dry ce­real, dried fruit and nuts)

■ Melon cubes and cheese

■ Lower fat mi­crowave pop­corn

■ Raw veg­gies and hum­mus

■ Yo­gurt and fruit


Good food is one of life’s great­est plea­sures. It’s OK to treat your­self in mod­er­a­tion. The se­cret is to fully en­joy what you are eat­ing.

■ Prac­tise mind­ful eat­ing. Al­low your­self time to taste and en­joy ev­ery bite with­out feel­ing guilty. A small taste may sat­isfy your crav­ing if you slow down and savour it.

■ Eat slowly and chew your food well. Put your fork down be­tween bites.

■ Stop eat­ing when you are full or if you are not en­joy­ing the food.

Teresa Flynn is a di­eti­tian with Sobeys, New Glas­gow.

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