A hint of mint and fail­ure

The Packet (Clarenville) - - Editorial - Terry Bursey

By now you’re prob­a­bly sick of the Christ­mas treats. I know right? Is that even pos­si­ble? For me, no… but I’m not nor­mal and proud of it.

I’m told that other hu­mans by now are loaded down with too many choco­lates and left­over sweets to want to even look at any more of the stuff. That be­ing said – too bad. I’ve got an­other one for you.

The dif­fer­ence is that this one is a bit more light and airy while still be­ing Christ­massy. It’s my recipe for mint brownie cook­ies.

Hold on, did you read that right? Brown­ies aren’t light nor are they even re­motely airy. This one is though.

First, let me tell you how I came to fig­ure out how that’s pos­si­ble. As al­ways, it’s in­ter­est­ing enough for these guys to pay me to tell you about it. It was Christ­mas­time and I was try­ing to im­press a girl, as was my wan­ton whimsy of that year in gen­eral.

I was aim­ing for a batch of very awe-in­spir­ing mint choco­late souf­flé. Cocky as I was, I was con­vinced I could make it from mem­ory as I do with so many other things. Ex­pec­ta­tions were for 12 muf­fin lin­ers brim­ming with al­most spher­i­cal souf­flé that had crushed wal­nuts and choco­late shav­ings to com­pli­ment the mint.

What I got in­stead fell just short of the mark of ris­ing or per­haps some­thing that just collapsed. While the bot­tom and edges were solid and chewy, the in­side re­mained airy and al­most hol­low. Not want­ing to waste this dis­as­ter of culi­nary pro­por­tions, I tasted one to see what I could sal­vage. The re­sult was: baked mint choco­late souf­flé from this recipe and if you do, please show me how be­cause what I ended up with (while still very de­li­cious) wasn’t my orig­i­nal in­tent. It was, how­ever good enough to jot down the recipe with hopes that I could re­cre­ate the deca­dent mis­take again some­day. Oh right. The girl I was try­ing to im­press. Luck­ily enough I didn’t tell her ex­actly what I was try­ing to make and so with­held some info to play it cool once I pre­sented her with a co­coa and whipped cream topped brownie cookie. Hey, half of at­trac­tion is de­cep­tion, you know. Don’t judge me.

Hea­thens Greet­ings!

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