Vot­ers wanted change and got it, so time to move on

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Give it a rest, your bud­dies or at least most of them lost the elec­tion, the five out­siders ap­pealed to the elec­torate. Clarke can now be the out­sider try­ing to gain trac­tion just like the pre­vi­ous out­siders did.

I don't know if the sale to On­tario Hy­dro is good or bad; too much of it was done be­hind closed doors and many terms seem to be too vague. Once they own the as­set who is re­spon­si­ble for what? If Peter­bor­ough widens a road who pays for the re­lo­ca­tion of the lines? This new dis­trict of­fice, what is the time­line, guar­an­tee or penal­ties if they re­nege?

The Ex­am­iner seems to have an axe to grind. They have his­tor­i­cally, like all news­pa­pers, been anti-union thus the com­ment about Keith Riel be­ing pro. Oth­ers seem to ques­tion the ex­pe­ri­ence of some but as I re­call Daryl Ben­nett had no ex­pe­ri­ence, nei­ther did Dan McWil­liams and both man­aged to get through their gaffes. We even hired an as­sis­tant to help Ben­nett. He has since mor­phed into a po­lit­i­cal writer for the Ex­am­iner. So if we have two deputy may­ors to aid in the govern­ing big deal, less cost.

As for Paul Ay­otte or Sylvia Suther­land, Peter­bor­ough has al­ways been a hall­mark arena for the good boys' club. Henry

Clarke car­ried his ward, ob­vi­ously those vot­ers liked him, but he chose not to run for mayor so he is where he is. If he was in my ward I prob­a­bly would have voted for him and he might have won as a may­oral can­di­date.

If a few of the more se­nior Peter­bor­ough man­agers and su­per­vi­sors were forced to face the elec­torate based on their per­for­mance I think there would be a ma­jor shakeup of the good boys club.

If this new coun­cil asks Peter­bor­ough's em­ploy­ees to re-jus­tify past de­ci­sions, I as a tax­payer re­spect it and the past elec­tion in­di­cates that is what was voted for. A. Har­ron, McDonnel St.

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