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IF TO­DAY IS YOUR BIRTH­DAY: This year, you of­ten say one thing, yet go off and do some­thing dif­fer­ent. Oth­ers might com­ment on this be­hav­iour.

If sin­gle, giv­ing off mixed mes­sages could com­pli­cate a budding tie. Peo­ple could back off be­cause of this. You will need to re­late to some­one who un­der­stands both voices.

If at­tached, the two you agree to dis­agree, but this is of­ten ir­rel­e­vant, as you have such a hoot to­gether. Hon­our your dif­fer­ences and love the fun times the two of you ex­pe­ri­ence.

GEMINI knows how to get your at­ten­tion.


No mat­ter what the sit­u­a­tion, you will feel un­usu­ally tense. You might even de­velop an at­ti­tude, as you could feel that some­one is nix­ing your ideas ran­domly. Tonight: If ex­press­ing anger, choose your words with care.


Plans could rapidly change as peo­ple’s emo­tions swing from one mood to an­other. Your re­sponse could be equally un­pre­dictable. Try to re­lax and go with the flow. Oth­ers’ vac­il­la­tion is not di­rected to­ward you. Tonight: Keep your spend­ing un­der con­trol.


You could be­come more up­tight and fussier than you have been in a while. You might blame this change of mood on this or that, but the truth is sim­ply that you feel dif­fer­ently at the mo­ment. Do not hes­i­tate to go for what you want. Tonight: Go for what you want.


Emo­tions surface once more. You feel as if there is some­thing you are miss­ing. You could also be picking up on what some­one who is close to you is feel­ing. To clear it out, you might need to make sev­eral calls.

Tonight: Go with a whim!

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22)

You need to move a project for­ward and no longer get stuck in oth­ers’ reser­va­tions and thoughts. Con­fu­sion sur­rounds a per­sonal mat­ter, but it will clear up in a day or so. Tonight: Do not take some­one’s at­ti­tude per­son­ally.

VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22)

You sud­denly feel en­er­gized. If a boss or some­one you work with no­tices your high en­ergy, you could have a lot of last-minute work dropped on you. You could say no! Clear it out as quickly as you can.

Tonight: Fun sur­rounds you.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22)

Reach out for the unimag­ined. What ap­pears as a nice but slightly im­pos­si­ble dream could ac­tu­ally be­come a re­al­ity. Rather than nix it, see how you can man­i­fest this thought. Curb your ten­dency to go over­board.

Tonight: As you like it.


You can­not help but zero in on what is go­ing on with an­other per­son. Of­ten, oth­ers don’t re­al­ize how tuned in you are. You do not let them know when you can see they are avoid­ing telling you the whole story! Tonight: The more peo­ple, the bet­ter.

SAGITTARIU­S (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) You could feel tense. A com­rade at work makes it clear he or she needs time with you. Make it your plea­sure. You will get to know this per­son bet­ter. You ex­pe­ri­ence an odd mix of en­joy­ment and worry. Tonight: All smiles.

CAPRI­CORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19) Stay an­chored, if pos­si­ble. Eye a sit­u­a­tion from the per­spec­tive of hav­ing known this per­son for a while. If some­one seems too will­ing to go along with one of your ideas, find out why.

Tonight: Post­pone judg­ment.


You can no longer hold yourself back. One-on-one re­lat­ing is high­lighted. You make the im­pos­si­ble pos­si­ble by de­cid­ing that noth­ing is im­pos­si­ble. Your sense of hu­mour and play­ful­ness dis­tract some peo­ple, but oth­ers jump right in. Tonight: Go with the flow.


You might be more tan­gled up in a per­sonal sit­u­a­tion than you would like. Un­der­stand where an­other per­son is com­ing from. You might con­sider that this per­son sel­dom seems needy. What is hap­pen­ing is quite unique.

Tonight: Go with the flow.

BORN TO­DAY: Bas­ket­ball player Kobe Bryant (1978), ac­tress Bar­bara Eden (1931), mu­si­cian/ac­tor Rick Spring­field (1949)

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