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IF TO­DAY IS YOUR BIRTH­DAY: This year, you ap­pear to be very in­tense and at times pos­ses­sive. Zero in on what you want, and use that Li­bra sparkle to achieve it. If you’re sin­gle, your multi-faceted per­son­al­ity could be con­fus­ing to some, but the right per­son will like it. If you’re at­tached, the two of you lead an even more emo­tional life than in the re­cent past. You have strong de­sires, as does your sweetie. SCOR­PIO points the way.


Your de­ter­mi­na­tion punc­tu­ates the a.m. You want what you want. First you will try logic, maybe as­sertive­ness. In­spir­ing oth­ers to go down the cho­sen path might work best. You can­not force any­one to do any­thing. Tonight: Re­lax, and a good time could be had by all.


Most of you ac­cept the process of shak­ing up the sta­tus quo. Oth­ers might still be un­nerved, yet some of you love see­ing the end re­sults. Th­ese are pe­ri­ods to go for what you want. Tonight: As you like.


As jovial and fun as you can be, you also know when to buckle down. You demon­strate how facile you can be when a re­spected as­so­ciate comes up with a dreamy plan. Dis­cuss how to im­ple­ment it. Tonight: An as­so­ciate or friend is full of news.


You act like a mood ring, con­stantly chang­ing colours, only you change thoughts and feel­ings. Use this to em­power a re­la­tion­ship or a cre­ative en­deav­our. A call from a dis­tance or a de­sire to take a mini­trip flags your at­ten­tion for a while. Tonight: Be naughty and nice.

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22)

Ten­sion runs high as you at­tempt to get past what feels like an emo­tional em­bargo. A loved one could be in­stru­men­tal in help­ing you see the path. You might opt to change a pat­tern in your life to al­low more op­por­tu­ni­ties to come for­ward. Tonight: En­ter­tain at your place!

VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22)

A sug­ges­tion from a part­ner or dear friend might seem too ide­al­is­tic. Stop think­ing that way and watch what you de­sire ma­te­ri­al­ize. An open­ness helps you get past an up­tight per­son. Tonight: Meet friends for munchies.

LI­BRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22)

An el­e­ment of dis­cord runs through your day. You might not be as present as you think. Your mind drifts to new ideas that could be too ide­al­is­tic for you to run with gen­er­ally. Why not give it a shot? Tonight: Soak ten­sion away in a hot, soapy bath.

SCOR­PIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21)

Your sense of well-be­ing and con­fi­dence keeps ad­ver­saries at bay. Be­sides, they like the ideas you come up with, even if they don’t al­ways com­pli­ment you. A con­ver­sa­tion proves en­light­en­ing, but both of you have dif­fi­culty mov­ing off your po­si­tions. Tonight: What­ever suits you.


You feel much en­ergy around you, but on some level it might seem dif­fi­cult for oth­ers to dis­cuss. Never fear; you will get an ear­ful in a short while. Use the day to han­dle a per­sonal con­cern or a fi­nan­cial mat­ter. Tonight: Take a per­sonal night.


You have the dis­ci­pline to achieve a cher­ished goal. You do not need to ma­nip­u­late; your steadi­ness helps you hit a home run. Do not al­low con­fu­sion to take over; in­stead, try to con­firm times and places. Tonight: Be open to a far-out idea.


Be aware of what you are do­ing. An un­con­scious agenda could be at work. If you see your­self do­ing or say­ing some­thing off the wall, stop. Stay an­chored, and you can achieve a long-term goal. Your im­age will be helped too. Tonight: Burn­ing the can­dle at both ends.


You could be emo­tion­ally strung out. Take a deep breath and think of the big pic­ture. You will re­lax and be more at ease. Also, at­tempt to iden­tify with the other par­ties. Tonight: Touch base with a loved one first.

BORN TO­DAY: For­mer U.S. pres­i­dent Jimmy Carter (1924), ac­tress Sarah Drew (1980)

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