Find a bet­ter way to col­lect trash, re­cy­cling

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One has to won­der why the city wouldn’t use one truck for all garbage pick­ups.

Use one truck plus a trailer and a crew of two. Have a “pup” trailer pulled by the garbage truck for blue box waste. The trailer can be dropped at the re­cy­cling fa­cil­ity on the way to the dump on Bens­fort Road. Once emp­tied the truck re­turns to the re­cy­cling fa­cil­ity and picks up an empty trailer and con­tin­ues its route.

You see these truck/trailer com­bi­na­tions all the time on the high­way, usu­ally for gravel and a main truck with a trailer of al­most the same size.

En­vi­ron­men­tally friend­lier as only one gas burn­ing de­mon is run­ning the streets, less pre­ven­tive main­te­nance re­quired and a safer work en­vi­ron­ment with two em­ploy­ees on the truck.

One em­ployee drives and picks up the garbage and the se­cond the blue box ma­te­rial.

You only need to view the snow­plow­ing on some streets to re­al­ize that coun­cil needs much more in­put and the man­agers much less into how these de­part­ments op­er­ate.

I re­al­ize hind­sight is 20/20 but a bit of fore­sight re­duces the amount of hind­sight avail­able. John Stoeten, Cochrane Cres­cent

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