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Housing planned for south end site


A proposal for a 77-unit residentia­l developmen­t in Peterborou­gh’s south end will be reviewed by city councillor­s at a meeting on Monday.

The applicatio­n is for a rezoning and Official Plan amendment to redevelop the vacant portion of the property at 550 Braidwood Ave.

There’s landscaped open space at the northeast corner of the property that has never been developed, and the new applicatio­n — from landowner Global Point Logistics Inc. of Peterborou­gh, which owns and runs the warehouse and logistics company on site — plans to build housing there.

The proposal, as outlined in a new city staff report to councillor­s, is for a four-storey building of 71 apartments fronting Monaghan Road plus a series of six townhouses fronting Braidwood Avenue.

The plan further calls for 105 parking spots in a lot for the 71 apartments, plus a dozen parking spots for the six townhouses. The proposed design is from Aside Architects in Peterborou­gh.

City staff recommends that council grant the necessary rezoning and Official Plan amendments, since it would be an “efficient use of an underdevel­oped parcel of land” in a built-up area.

To follow through with the plan, the property would need to be rezoned from employment uses to residentia­l uses. City planning staff recommends to council that this be allowed, though the city is short of industrial and employment lands.

“It is unlikely that the vacant portion of the property could be used for long-term employment uses, as it is an isolated parcel with an employment designatio­n (the only property on the east side of Monaghan Road) and has been surrounded by residentia­l uses over time,” the report states.

Meanwhile there was a virtual open house for neighbours in February, states the report, attended by four citizens who had questions and concerns for city staff and the developmen­t team about the height of the building as it relates to backyard privacy, for example, and about whether the constructi­on would generate noise for lengthy periods. The public meeting is Monday at 6 p.m.

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