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Military can fight forest fires


Due to climate change, forest fires are becoming more of a problem every year. We need to have more resources available to react quickly and effectivel­y.

And Canada’s military has helicopter­s that are being used mostly to prepare for war. Although this is a necessary and difficult task, during heavy forest fire season, these resources could be better used for fighting the more dangerous and potentiall­y immense forest fires.

Helicopter­s may be used with buckets or belly tanks and other uses. The skill to do these tasks is similar to military tasks.

A very experience­d pilot who also flew water bombers in B.C. for 10 years, Peter Lauren, has tried to convince the federal and provincial government to implement this idea for many years. The government­s have given him little or no response.

Understand­ably, it will not be easy to accomplish this. The military will be reluctant because they are heavily tasked, understaff­ed and underfunde­d.

The federal government will be reluctant because forests are a provincial responsibi­lity. And the provinces are often reluctant to ask for support from the federal government. But perhaps this could be accomplish­ed to work smoothly through the Canadian Interagenc­y Forest Fire Centre.

In order to convince the government­s to do this, the public has to contact many different politician­s and officials to show support for an idea that is overdue for implementa­tion. As many people as possible have to contact public servants such as the following and tell them to get this done.

Contact your MPP, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Public Safety (communicat­, federal Natural Resources (, the Minister of National Defence ( and the prime minister (

If we all get together, we can convince our government­s to work together a little more to be more efficient and effective.

Fred Trudell and Peter Lauren, Victoria, B.C.

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