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Bak­ing soda has long been the star of house­hold clean­ing and per­sonal care – in fact the num­ber of uses for this sim­ple box of pow­der is re­mark­able. Bak­ing soda is a pure and nat­u­ral sub­stance, mak­ing it easy to use all over the house, even around chil­dren. It can be used in bak­ing, as a clean­ing prod­uct, and as an odour re­mover. Bak­ing soda gets its name from one of its most tra­di­tional uses – as a leav­en­ing agent for baked goods -- but some of its other ap­pli­ca­tions may sur­prise you. Here are just a few ways it can be used around the home:

Bak­ing soda is a pure and nat­u­ral cleanser, mak­ing it a great al­ter­na­tive to harsher chem­i­cals, es­pe­cially on clothes and other per­sonal items.

When used to clean clothes and other fab­rics, bak­ing soda bal­ances the PH in your wash wa­ter, to get them cleaner, fresher and brighter. You can add a scoop to your reg­u­lar wash cy­cle, or choose a de­ter­gent with bak­ing soda al­ready in it, like Arm & Ham­mer Es­sen­tials with biodegrad­able plant based soaps. In fact, the com­pany has de­vel­oped sev­eral laun­dry for­mu­las, all con­tain­ing bak­ing soda.

The ver­sa­tile pow­der neu­tral­izes odours so it can be used to de­odor­ize all over the house from the fridge to the car to the lit­ter box.

Try us­ing bak­ing soda as a fa­cial scrub and body ex­fo­liant. Its crys­talline struc­ture pro­vides a gen­tle abra­sion that helps to re­move dirt and oil with­out scratch­ing. Just be care­ful around the eyes.

An oil stain on the garage floor is no prob­lem. Use bak­ing soda to clean up light-duty oil and grease spills on con­crete by sprin­kling it on the oil spot and scrub­bing with a wet brush.

Ad­di­tional laun­dry tips and tricks are avail­able at Ar­mAnd­Ham­mer­Laun­dry.ca.

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