6 smart tips for us­ing paper tow­els

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This lit­tle tool is an ev­ery­day clean­ing es­sen­tial, but did you know that paper tow­els can be used for a lot more than spills? Life­style ex­pert Leigh-Ann Al­laire Per­rault has teamed up with the Royale Tiger Towel brand to share smart, ev­ery­day so­lu­tions for us­ing paper tow­els around the home, as fol­lows: around the base of your bath­room faucet or your shower head, try soak­ing a paper towel in a vine­gar and wa­ter so­lu­tion and wrap­ping it around the af­fected ar­eas. Al­low the damp tow­els to sit for about an hour, then re­move and rinse with clean wa­ter.

• Cre­ate a quick and dis­pos­able dust pan by wet­ting a few sheets of paper towel and plac­ing them on the floor. Sweep dirt onto the tow­els, then sim­ply fold them up and toss in the com­poster when done.The mois­ture is a mag­net for grab­bing onto dirt par­ti­cles.

• Line the bot­tom of your waste bins with sev­eral sheets of paper towel and add a few drops of pep­per­mint es­sen­tial oil to catch any garbage leaks and keep the bin smelling fresh.

“While paper tow­els are a ne­ces­sity in the kitchen, they can be also help­ful through­out the rest of the home. Make sure to keep a roll un­der the bath­room sink, in the garage or even in the trunk of your car for quick, in-a-pinch clean-ups,” adds Per­rault.

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