Can­dle in the wind

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Your let­ter from Dave Rem­pel, pub­lished July 4, made one true as­ser­tion and two du­bi­ous ones.

Yes, sci­en­tific theories are al­ways open to re­vi­sion.

New dis­cov­er­ies often re­vise es­tab­lished theories.

Then he goes on to de­clare that “Cer­tainly God is the creator...” Fact.

No ques­tion al­lowed there. His third point is that his­tor­i­cal cli­mate ex­tremes have been larger than to­day’s.

Yes, tem­per­a­ture ex­tremes are recorded in the rocks but they have oc­curred over long pe­ri­ods of time, al­low­ing for life to evolve and adjust.

Oh, oh. There I go with the dreaded word “evolve.”

Bib­li­cal claims are in­vi­o­late but sci­ence is not.


Ac­cord­ing to the writer, we must be­lieve, without ques­tion, the word-for-word truth of such myths as that of a Gar­den of Eden, Noah’s ship of all species and other un­likely “facts.”

I don’t buy that cargo. Hu­mans seem to be hard-wired to re­ject the fact of our per­sonal deaths. Main­stream Western re­li­gions prom­ise, or threaten, everlastin­g life of ei­ther plea­sure or pun­ish­ment.

This myth must have had some value in pre­serv­ing the hu­man species but that does not make it true.

As for me, I be­lieve that when I die I will go to the same place as the flame when a can­dle is blown.

James Lough­ery Prince George

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