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Be careful burning outdoors


With a drying trend in the forecast, the B.C. Wildfire Service is urging people to exercise caution when conducting any outdoor burning.

“As the temperatur­e increase, the grass cures and dries, becoming extremely flammable, especially in windy conditions,” the BCWS said in a press release.

While there are no prohibitio­ns on open burning currently in place in the Prince George Fire Centre, the BCWS said people are still responsibl­e for conducting burns in a safe manner.

“Before lighting any fire, it is advised to monitor the upcoming weather forecast and check with your local government­s to see if any local burning restrictio­ns are in place,” the BCWS said.

Anyone conducting an outdoor burn must adhere to the following precaution­s:

- Ensure that adequate resources are on hand to control the fire and stop it from spreading;

- Never burn in windy conditions. Weather conditions can change quickly, and the wind may carry embers to other combustibl­e material and start new fires;

- Create an appropriat­ely sized fireguard around the planned fire site by clearing away twigs, grass, leaves and other combustibl­e material, right down to the mineral soil;

- Never leave a fire unattended; - Make sure that any fire is completely extinguish­ed, and the ashes are cold to the touch before leaving the area for any length of time;

Anyone wishing to light a Category 3 open fire time by calling 1-888-797-1717. A Category 3 fire is defined as any fire larger than two metres high by three metres wide, three or more concurrent­ly burning piles no larger than two metres high by three metres wide, one or more burning windrows or stubble or grass burning over an area greater than 0.2 hectares.

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