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Don’t tell Lokombo that a 109-yard missed field goal return for a touchdown against the King County Jaguars doesn’t mean anything.

“To some of us with hope, it’s exposure for us,” the personable 24-year-old says of playing for the B.C. Spartans, a stint that featured a highlight-reel return on Aug. 9. “It’s not a beer league.”

The B.C. Lions took a look at the athletic defensive back and former W.J. Mouat standout this offseason but didn’t invite him to main camp — his 5-foot-7 stature no doubt causing them concern.

But Boloy, who played college at Minnesota-Duluth, can still taste the pros. And you never know who is watching.

“One of the positive things is that they told me, “just keep working out and stay in shape,” and I was surprised to see them at our first home game. I happened to have a good game, so it was definitely a good thing.

“Good thing for them to actually see me in person. When you look on paper, a 5-7 corner is not really the best sell out there.”

A natural soccer star, Lokombo’s true football awakening came while playing for the Vancouver Trojans. North Delta native Davis Sanchez, who made it to the NFL and is now with the Montreal Alouettes, spotted him and gave him a talk that still resonates.

“That is where I was inspired,” says Lokombo. “He said to me, ‘You have to go across the border,’ and for me it was a surprise. At the time, he was playing for the Chargers and I was like, ‘Wow, this guy sees something in me.’ “That gives me hope I can make it to the league.” Count Spartans defensive co-ordinator Cam Yeow among his backers.

“I wasn’t really sure what kind of talent we were going to have,” says the former Calgary Stampeder. “But I’m actually surprised how athletic some of the guys are. Definitely I think some of them can make it to the CFL. Our defensive backs, Boloy and Jay Zimmerman, they’re very good corners. No one wants to throw to them.”

Making practice and finding a little extra juice in those legs just became a little tougher for Lokombo. The Surrey pretrial correction­s officer recently welcomed twin girls into the world.

“I might have puffy eyes but it’s working out so far,” he says of the balancing act.

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