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No matter what they do, police are on losing end


Your editorial on the need to arrest scofflaws is bang on, but we need to empathize with the police.

No matter what they do they’ll be chastised for it. Lay one hand on a bozo and you’ll have the likes of David Eby and the civil-rights types launching lawsuits.

Sorry, but when it comes to Vancouver idiots versus the police, my money rides on the idiots. The odds are in their favour.

Ed Braun, Vancouver

No cop action

Your editorial criticizes the Vancouver Police Department for not making arrests during the May Day protest when a fire was lit on a city street.

An open-air fire without a permit is a fire bylaw offence and there are no arrest powers. Violations are enforced through serving a ticket, similar to enforcing illegal parking or having a dog off leash.

No property was damaged. No criminal offences were committed.

The VPD polices hundreds of protests a year and we uphold everyone’s Charter rights of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. The use of brute force by the police to enforce minor infraction­s like city bylaws would absolutely increase the likelihood of violence and injuries to protesters, police officers and bystanders.

Chief Jim Chu, Vancouver police

Bizarro World

Police watching masked punks walking into the middle of a busy street to build a bonfire and not detaining them for jaywalking?

Vancouver council giving an audience to the organizati­on of Downtown Eastside drug dealers? As in the old Superman comics, we have entered Bizarro World.

Jon Dowle, New Westminste­r

Irish eyes not smiling

I came as a very enthusiast­ic visitor to Vancouver to see relatives here. I left Thursday very disillusio­ned.

I hope that when motorists travelling on your highways and byways see someone quite obviously lost, they can at least keep to the speed limit, and not drive up behind them, flashing their lights, with no space to move into ahead, and then keep intimidati­ng them with hand gestures.

I was at a loss as to what was required of me. I have driven in many countries and have met some very rude drivers but here you are trying to outdo them all.

I have been here a number of times over the last 20 years and the lack of considerat­ion has gone out of sight.

I hope that when some of your citizens visit my fair land of Ireland I can treat them with the same patience and courtesy that I encountere­d here.

George Mills, Glenbeigh, Ireland

A real man?

David Booth needs to spend time improving his game of hockey instead of killing innocent wild animals. What kind of a “real” man kills bears for fun and sport?

Joanne Jonas, Nanaimo

Time better spent

Hey, David Booth: real men are kind to animals.

Here’s a thought. Instead of killing the bear, maybe you should have taken that time and spent it improving on your play or better yet, gone to the hospital and visited sick children, like so many of our Canucks do.

Danielle Noel, New Westminste­r

Spirituali­ty is OK

Russell Hallbauer, president of Taseko Mines Ltd., does not “argue that native spirituali­ty related to the territory around the mine should not be considered” as you said in your editorial. Rather, he is pointing out to the minister that the manner in which the panel addressed spirituali­ty was wrong.

John Mcmanus, West Vancouver

Stop boosting Robson

I love Vancouver but this mindless and oft repeated cheerleadi­ng of Robson Street is positively out of hand.

Robson is a really bunch of “chains” with some apparent swank address but basically, there is nothing to really distinguis­h this street from any other mall in Canada or the U.S.

Robson’s success is subject to the whims of too many multinatio­nals who overpay leasing costs so we can pay a premium on cheap polycotton underwear or overpay for jewelry, cologne and other items like chocolate and shoes. Perhaps people understand that and are moving to larger box stores, where sales seem only to be rising.

Snail mail

Greg Pyc, Burnaby

I recently ordered something online from Kentucky and it arrived four days later. Shortly thereafter I sent an envelope from Richmond to West Vancouver. It took eight days to go across town.

And we wonder why Canada Post is losing customers and money?

Ray Arnold, Richmond

Keep Vigneault

Two presidents’ trophies and we’ve still got something more. Don’t blow it up now. Keep Canucks coach Alain Vigneault.

Gerry Dombrowski, Prince George

 ?? IAN LINDSAY — PNG FILES ?? Protesters gather around a fire set on Commercial Drive on Tuesday.
IAN LINDSAY — PNG FILES Protesters gather around a fire set on Commercial Drive on Tuesday.

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