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Crown’s bid to cash Bacon bail money delayed

- BY JENNIFER SALTMAN THE PROVINCE jensaltman@theprovinc­

The Crown’s bid to have gangster Jarrod Bacon’s parents pay for their son’s mistakes has been put off to another day.

Bacon appeared briefly by video in B.C. Provincial Court in Surrey on Thursday morning. The case was moved ahead to May 17 so that Bacon has time to find a lawyer.

Susan and David Bacon did not appear in court, but they were represente­d by lawyer Mark Jette.

Susan and David Bacon acted as sureties when Jarrod Bacon was released on bail on weapons charges in May 2008.

While on bail in November 2009, Bacon was picked up for drug-traffickin­g.

The Crown has applied for the $175,000 bail bond his parents signed to be paid because Bacon allegedly violated his bail conditions.

In February, Bacon and co-accused Wayne Scott were convicted in connection with the cocaine-traffickin­g conspiracy. The Crown has asked for a 21-year prison sentence. Sentencing is scheduled to take place Friday.

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