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Kutcher slammed for ads


If you’re launching a new ad campaign fronted by Ashton Kutcher, your first mistake is probably hiring Ashton Kutcher (unless, maybe, you’re shilling hot tubs).

Still, the Two and Half Men stars in a series of ads for Popchips — videos spoofing something called a video dating site. (We think they existed in the ’90s.)

The second mistake is that the first candidate Kutcher plays is Raj, a Bollywood producer looking for love —with Kutcher made up to look Indian, and speaking in an Indian accent.

Now that enough people have seen the commercial, everyone from average Twitter users to tech entreprene­ur/blogger Anil Dash have slammed the ad for being racist.

It doesn’t appear that Kutcher scripted the Raj character, although he did sign up for the gig.

Kutcher, who previously tweeted the ads to his more than 10.5 million Twitter followers, has not yet responded to the controvers­y.


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