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Crawford, Clooney ad almost real


Cindy Crawford accidental­ly got into bed with George Clooney. The 48-yearold supermodel, who stars in a commercial in which her spouse catches her between the sheets with the Clooney, admits the funny ad was inspired by a real-life encounter. “I woke up around midnight and snuck into the guest room and saw Rande laying facedown on the bed so I got on the bed and was like, ‘Hey, babe, you gotta wake up’, and ‘babe’ turned his head and it wasn’t (Rande), it was George,” Cindy recalled. “I was shocked, and George, we were both so shocked, so we wandered downstairs, I went looking for Rande and was like ‘George is in the guest bed, I just got in bed with him’ and we all laughed.”

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