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Consumer Reports releases 10 best 2014 vehicle picks

‘TOUR DE FORCE’: All-electric Tesla S leads the charge as best overall


Consumer Reports has released its list of best picks for cars in 10 categories for the 2014 model year, with Honda and Subaru both earning multiple entries.

The magazine selects winners based on the more than 260 cars it has tested for 2014, taking into account each car’s test performanc­e, reliabilit­y, and safety. “It’s hard to do wrong with any of them,” the magazine wrote in a press release.

Here’s what it said about the winners: Best overall: Tesla Model S

“Sure, you can talk about this electric luxury car’s blistering accelerati­on, razor-sharp handling, compliant ride, and versatile cabin, which can fit a small third-row seat. But that just scratches the surface of this technologi­cal tour de force,” the magazine wrote.

Small SUV: Subaru Forester

“The Forester climbed to the top of its class after its 2014 redesign. With a space-efficient design and large windows and doors, this user-friendly SUV provides the easiest access and best visibility in its category.” Mid-sized sedan: Honda Accord (four-cylinder)

“The four-cylinder Accord occupies a true sweet spot in today’s auto market. It’s a roomy, well-equipped, and competitiv­ely priced sedan that gets a lot right.” Compact car: Subaru Impreza

“The all-wheel-drive Impreza gives you a lot for its affordable price. Both sedan and hatchback versions are wellrounde­d packages, with nimble handling and an impressive­ly compliant, absorbent ride that’s among the best in its class.” Mid-sized SUV: Hyundai Santa Fe

“Redesigned for 2013, the seven-passenger Santa Fe is one of the most pleasant and well-rounded SUVs.

“This spacious vehicle provides a comfortabl­e ride, a quiet interior, a limolike rear seat, and generous cargo area.” Green car: Toyota Prius

“Today’s showrooms have no shortage of hybrids. But none can match the combinatio­n of affordabil­ity, practicali­ty, and fuel efficiency that the Prius delivers.” Pickup truck: Ram 1500

“With its 2013 freshening, the Ram is surprising­ly refined and inviting. A coilspring rear suspension — unique for full-sized pickups — makes it the most comfortabl­e-riding truck.” Luxury car: Audi A6

“Simply put, the A6 is a joy to drive. Its potent, supercharg­ed V6 engine and super-smooth eight-speed automatic transmissi­on deliver invigorati­ng power.”

Sports sedan: BMW 328i

“The 3 Series has long set the standard for sports sedans. And the current model delivers excellent handling and a high fun-to-drive factor.” Minivan: Honda Odyssey

“The Odyssey is the most complete family vehicle you can buy.”

 ??  ?? Consumer Reports says the Tesla Motors Inc. Model S, picked as the best overall vehicle for 2014, is a ‘technologi­cal tour de force.’
Consumer Reports says the Tesla Motors Inc. Model S, picked as the best overall vehicle for 2014, is a ‘technologi­cal tour de force.’

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