One Kaur be­lief held by all Sikh women

In Sikhism, Kaur is an honourary sur­name given to all fe­males

The Province - - Vaisakhi - By Jagdeesh Mann, Spe­cial to The Prov­ince

S ikhism is the world’s youngest ma­jor re­li­gion. The founders of this pro­gres­sive faith were so bent on break­ing through In­dia’s re­pres­sive caste sys­tem that not only did they de­clare all Sikhs to be equal, they also acted to name them such.

Sikh women typ­i­cally all take on the mid­dle name Kaur while men take on the mid­dle name Singh.

Launched in 2015, The Kaur Project, ar­tic­u­lates the ‘Kaur ex­pe­ri­ence’ from a 2nd gen­er­a­tion point of view. Think of it as a ver­sion of the Hu­mans of New York in­spired by an Oprah pod­cast.

The iden­tity web project was launched by Van­cou­ver res­i­dents Jessie Kaur Le­hail, the sto­ry­teller and Saji Kaur Sa­hota, the pho­tog­ra­pher.

The re­sult has been an on­line space for Sikh women to share their sto­ries, each writ­ten in the first per­son and open­ing read­ers to the di­ver­sity within the faith. The sto­ries are quilted to­gether from pieces of per­sonal phi­los­o­phy, ex­pe­ri­ences of strug­gle and their cor­re­spond­ing mo­ments of cathar­sis, and ax­ioms by which to live.

The re­sult is a strik­ing col­lage of Sikh women shar­ing their dis­parate ex­pe­ri­ences but re­veal­ing how much they all ac­tu­ally have in com­mon.

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Lucky Kaur – En­tre­pre­neur

My re­la­tion­ship with God is very sim­ple, it is hav­ing my val­ues aligned with my faith. Fol­low­ing the prin­ci­ples of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, I be­lieve in earn­ing an hon­est in­come, shar­ing with oth­ers and med­i­tat­ing. Be­ing re­li­gious for me is a jour­ney from the in­side out and I am still a seeker, still on a path of learn­ing.

Juss Kaur – Artist

“In the cre­ative process I find still­ness and rhythm. With in­ten­tion, I aim to share and to cel­e­brate this fan­tas­tic ad­ven­ture; to in­spire and be in­spired. My hope is that my paint­ings be a mir­ror, a re­flec­tion of Wa­he­guru, your uni­ver­sal light, your hu­man essence, and your time­less divin­ity.”

S und eep Kaur – Law yer

“I feel em­pow­ered by my phys­i­cal ap­pear­ance in ev­ery part of my life: lawyer, camp di­rec­tor, wife, daugh­ter, and mother. When I am walk­ing into a court room or seva fo­cused board­room, I can eas­ily be spot­ted as a Kaur. For me, my out­ward iden­tity aligns with my in­ter­nal val­ues that are fun­da­men­tally rooted in Sikhi.”

Kanw al­nain Kaur – S tud ent

Be­ing a Kaur em­pow­ers me as a per­son, it gives me a sort of stamp… every­thing I do and rep­re­sent is em­bod­ied and en­sures I do things to the best of my abil­ity.

Lucky Kaur – En­tre­pre­neur

Juss Kaur – Artist

Sun­deep Kaur – Lawyer

Kan­wal­nain Kaur – Stu­dent

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