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Crimson at Cloverdale Village: Historical setting meets modern living



The new Crimson at Cloverdale Village townhome project by RDG Management Ltd. is aptly being described as “small-town charm, modern living”; this also could apply to the historic Surrey village, which is currently enjoying a renaissanc­e.

Settled in the late 1880s and long famous as the home for the Cloverdale Fairground­s and rodeo, Cloverdale Village retains many of the heritage buildings constructe­d when the region was an agricultur­al hub — and one can easily stroll along its quaint Main Street and feel transporte­d back to a quieter, kinder era.

Crimson reflects Cloverdale’s rural ambiance with 59 townhomes anchored by a clubhouse. The buildings are stately with steeply arched rooflines, and graced with elegant landscapin­g and white picket fences; at the same time, they are built according to 21st century standards, with energy efficiency and smart details.

Most of the homes have sideby-side garages, and the countrysty­led kitchens are equipped with Whirlpool stainless steel appliances. “Creative DesignWork­s Inc. was responsibl­e for creating the interiors, which are large and bright and include old-fashioned touches such as a window over the kitchen sink,” says Melanie Themmen, sales manager at Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd. “Starting prices are in the low-to-mid $500,000s for the two-bedroom and flex units, and in the mid $600,000s for the three- and four-bedroom plus flex units.”

Crimson’s communal clubhouse features an entertainm­ent lounge with kitchenett­e, a barbecue porch, and an outdoor play area for children.

While Crimson residents will find much to do and see in Cloverdale’s downtown zone, the larger neighbourh­ood is undergoing a facelift. Large pockets of what used to be retail surroundin­g Cloverdale’s core are being redevelope­d for new commercial and residentia­l purposes.

In short, Cloverdale is shaping up to be better than ever: a living slice of history that also provides convenienc­e, whether it’s quick mass transit access to Vancouver and other Lower Mainland destinatio­ns, big brand shopping next door in Langley, or the tranquilit­y of the sprawling farms and stables directly south.

While nearby neighbourh­oods are enjoying steady growth, nothing comes close to the old-world charm in an authentic setting provided by Crimson — and as such, Themmen encourages interested parties to register today and take advantage of VIP prices.

She also urges them to act before 2018 and the implementa­tion of new provincial government mortgage regulation­s that will reduce the buying power of new homeowners. “Crimson is a developmen­t from RDG that can’t be replicated anywhere else,” she says. “It is unique, and the homes will sell fast — so I would suggest taking advantage when the rates are in your favour.”

For more informatio­n on Crimson and to register to become a VIP, please visit crimsonclo­

 ?? SUPPLIED ?? Crimson at Cloverdale Village townhome project by RDG Management Ltd. offers 59 townhomes anchored by a clubhouse.
SUPPLIED Crimson at Cloverdale Village townhome project by RDG Management Ltd. offers 59 townhomes anchored by a clubhouse.

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