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Hard Luck Louie was play­ing in the club’s monthly team game when this deal came up. Louie won the open­ing di­a­mond lead with his ace, drew three rounds of trumps end­ing in his hand, and led a club to dummy’s jack. East won with his king and shifted to the queen of spades. Louie ducked the first spade but cov­ered the jack of spades con­tin­u­a­tion. Alas for Louie, West cap­tured the king with the ace and cashed the 10 of spades for down one. “Darn my luck,” said Louie. “I was a 3-to-1 fa­vorite and still went down.”

At the other ta­ble, Lucky Larry played the same con­tract with the same open­ing lead. Larry was in no rush to grab his ace of di­a­monds on the first trick. He sim­ply ducked in both hands and al­lowed West’s queen to hold the trick. West shifted to a club. Larry rose with dummy’s ace and led a heart to his ace. He con­tin­ued with the king of hearts and the ace of di­a­monds be­fore lead­ing a low heart back to dummy. This drew the out­stand­ing trumps and Larry dis­carded a low club on the king of di­a­monds. The queen of clubs was cov­ered and ruffed. A heart back to dummy al­lowed a spade dis­card on the jack of clubs. Had West held the king of clubs, Larry would have been able to shed two spades on the clubs while keep­ing the king of spades pro­tected. Well done!

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