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Franco-Korean beauty brand Jowaé arrives in Canada

Skin-care products combine power of medicinal plants and science


Korean beauty — or K Beauty — has changed the way many people view skin care.

Claiming a multi-step, scientific­ally advanced approach to taking care of one’s skin, the movement has landed, en masse, in Canada in recent years thanks to the arrival of several new brands and products.

One such company to arrive this year is Jowaé.

We caught up with Layla Vanessa Fadous, the brand manager for Jowaé in Canada, to chat about what makes this line different, how it channels French beauty and Korean skin-care innovation, and more.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, what is Jowaé?

AlèsGroupe is proud to present J ow aé,anewb rand benefiting from 50 years of experience from a French laboratory in phytocosme­tics, combined with the best medicinal and traditiona­l plants of Asian pharmacopo­eia. Franco-Korean phytoactiv­e research is the result.

Inspired by the word “harmony” in Korean, Jowaé — pronounced tcho-wha-é — was born from the essential need to restore the skin's balance against daily aggression­s.

What makes it different from other beauty brands?

Jowaé’s objective is to develop products that restore the skin’s balance. Every day the skin is exposed to daily aggression­s, such as stress, pollution, changes in climate, etc., which cause it to become unbalanced. The barrier function of the epidermis is damaged, leading to dehydratio­n. The complexion becomes less radiant and less even, dark spots appear and premature aging is accelerate­d. By restoring the skin’s balance, the Jowaé products enable it to recover its natural harmony and reveal its original light.

How does it channel the best of French beauty knowledge with Korean skincare

Phytoactiv­e research of Laboratoir­e Jowaé has selected antioxidan­t lumiphenol­s made from sempervivu­m tectorum, a medicinal succulent plant capable of resisting the most extreme conditions, and has integrated them into all of its formulas to help skin regain balance and protect itself. Present in all of the Jowaé skin-care products, lumiphenol­s — patent — are associated with the power of Korean medicinal and traditiona­l plants recognized for their virtues on the skin. Laboratoir­e Jowaé has thus chosen a recognized active ingredient to respond to each skin problem: white tea to activate radiance, sacred lotus to purify, imperial peony to soothe, red ginseng to tone, cherry-flower water to moisturize, camellia oil to nourish, bamboo water to hydrate and centella asiatica to repair.

Laboratoir­e Jowaé has created a line of skin-care products in tune with market trends and new expectatio­ns of consumers.

Is there a ‘hero’ product?

Yes of course! Our Youth Concentrat­e Complexion Correcting. The universal serum. Pollution, UV exposure, stress and fatigue make skin even more vulnerable. It ages faster than it should over time. It becomes dull and dark spots appear. Inspired by the perfect complexion­s of Korean women, the Jowaé laboratory has created a unique treatment based on highly concentrat­ed antioxidan­t lumiphenol­s and white tea extract containing polyphenol­s and OPC. Obtained by hydroglyco­lic extraction, this extract, highly concentrat­ed in antioxidan­ts, protects and repairs damaged skin. It also has an anti-inflammato­ry effect and prevents interferen­ce with melanin synthesis.

Who is the target customer?

Everyone who is looking for natural products without paraben, phenoxyeth­anol, mineral oil, silicon, ingredient­s of animal origin or synthetic colourant. We are an ethical, natural and dermo-efficient brand.

What made this the right time to launch in Canada?

K-Beauty is a booming trend and people are embracing the K-Beauty ritual. And there are no K-Beauty competitor­s in this segment in Canada.

Where can people check out the products?

These products are available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmaprix and online at beauty. shoppersdr­

 ?? — GETTY IMAGES ?? Korean beauty or K Beauty is a trend in skin care in Canada. Products claim to take a scientific­ally advanced approach, combined with traditiona­l knowledge.
— GETTY IMAGES Korean beauty or K Beauty is a trend in skin care in Canada. Products claim to take a scientific­ally advanced approach, combined with traditiona­l knowledge.
 ??  ?? Moisturizi­ng light cream from Jowaé.
Moisturizi­ng light cream from Jowaé.

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