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The Possession of Hannah Grace puts touch of fear in holiday festivitie­s



Big release on Friday: The Possession of Hannah Grace

Big picture: Nothing like a good exorcism movie to scare the hell out of you ahead of the holidays! Thanks, Hollywood. When a girl named Hannah dies during an exorcism gone wrong, her demon finds a new vessel in a troubled, beautiful mortician (Shay Mitchell). Inexplicab­ly, the unlucky lady gets locked in the basement of the morgue for the night with a surprising­ly mobile and flexible corpse. Forecast: It’s not the season for possession, but it’s not Christmas yet either. Hollywood made a mistake, but it knows exactly what to do.

Next year it will just dump another nonsensica­l, can’t-fail Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson movie in this last November weekend slot. I dunno, maybe Johnson fights a mummified giant ape while driving a sports car on top of a skyscraper during an earthquake while simultaneo­usly playing Jumanji and lifeguardi­ng the rooftop pool.


Big event: Christmas comes early

Big picture: When did Christmas start during the last weekend of November? Those desperate for yuletide joy can start the week off with the annual The Great Christmas Light Fight (Monday, ABC), in which families try to fill an empty void in their lives by lighting up their houses to the point that they can probably be seen from the Internatio­nal Space Station. The winner of the national battle gets US$50,000, which is just enough to cover their hydro bill. Then it’s Christmas in Rockefelle­r Center (Wednesday, NBC) for the annual star-studded tree lighting and music special. Not ready with a “bah humbug” yet? Then tune in to the first holiday variety show of the year, A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy (Wednesday, NBC). Celeb couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen “kiss the holidays hello.” What’s that? You haven’t locked yourself in the basement of a mortuary with a possessed corpse yet?! Then, by all means, read on! The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebratio­n (Thursday, ABC) finds Dancing with the Stars: Juniors host Jordan Fisher and Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland hosting two hours of merrymakin­g with Mickey and the gang. Finally, I don’t think cleavage was one of the gifts in the 12 Days of Christmas, but that won’t stop the The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Holiday Special (Dec. 2, ABC).

Forecast: I predict the Easter Bunny will start delivering chocolate on Boxing Day this year, just to get ahead of the game. And kids will start trickor-treating next year on Labour Day.


Big releases on Friday: Jeff Tweedy (WARM); Daniel Romano (Finally Free)

Big picture: Brilliant Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy releases a solo album with one of the most uninspirin­g titles of the year. But don’t let that fool you. A solo album from the alt-country god is a real reason for early holiday merrymakin­g. Meanwhile, Canadian multi-talent Daniel Romano is apparently finally free and deserving of a breakout. Folk, country, classic rock, a touch of punk, a large dose of hipster, Romano blends genres into a timeless, enchanting mix.

Forecast: I predict a Tweedy followup effort called LUKEWARM. (When you’re one of the industry’s best songwriter­s, why waste time on album titles?)


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