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Nov. 25 — Dec. 1 horoscope

- GEORGIA NICOLS georgianic­

ARIES | (March 21-April 19)

This week your energy is strong and upbeat because the Sun, retrograde Mercury and Jupiter are in your fellow Fire Sign. This makes you want to travel and explore opportunit­ies in higher education. You might check out avenues in publishing, the media, medicine and the law. Basically, do whatever you can to broaden your world and make you feel more in touch with things that are beyond your normal scope of activity. Meanwhile, fair Venus is opposite your sign, paving the way for warm relations with partners and close friends. Expect a surprise on Friday.

TAURUS | (April 20-May 20)

There is so much activity taking place in one of your Money Houses. Note: We all have two Money Houses and the one I mention is not the House of your earnings, but rather, the Money House of resources from others, for example, the wealth of your partner, which can indirectly benefit you. This also includes inheritanc­es from others, money back from the government, money from an insurance claim, as well as being able to easily get a loan or a mortgage from a financial institutio­n. All of these are viable and beneficial opportunit­ies for you this week! Meanwhile, coworkers are supportive, even compliment­ary. You might earn more money on the job. It’s an excellent week to formulate long-term goals.

GEMINI | (May 21-June 20)

You continue to need more sleep with the Sun opposite your sign. Symbolical­ly, because it’s as far away from you as it gets all year, it means your energy is flagging. Neverthele­ss, your focus on partnershi­ps continues. You might be briefly involved with an ex partner or old friend. You will socialize more than usual. While all this is going on, Mars is at the top of your chart arousing your ambition. So even though you are low energy, you are ambitious to achieve. You will work hard on any project until it’s done. However, you will prefer to be your own boss. Definitely.

CANCER | (June 21-July 22)

You reap the benefits of a little bit of everything this week. You still want to get better organized and deal with your daily tasks and your job in an efficient, productive way. This will take skilful means on your part because retrograde Mercury is creating delays, goofy mistakes and errors at work for you. Just grin and bear it. Meanwhile, you’re keen to travel and explore opportunit­ies in publishing, the media, medicine and the law. You will also enjoy tweaking your digs and redecorati­ng. In fact, this Friday, you might unexpected­ly entertain at home because something unusual or different will occur. You might have to work according to someone else’s wishes or needs. Oh well, go along to get along.

LEO | (July 23-Aug. 22)

It’s schmooze city for Leos! Your busy, exciting social pace continues. Your involvemen­t with kids is strong. Enjoy social diversions, the arts, musical performanc­es, the theatre, sports events and hanging out with friends. You have the lovely blessing of having a heightened appreciati­on of your daily surroundin­gs. You will love where you live. You might even love the route to take to work because your eyes are seeing your daily surroundin­gs in a fresh way. Likewise, you will realize how much love there is in your daily world. Yeah, this sounds a bit corny but it’s true. And it really is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

VIRGO | (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

This week your focus is on home, family and your private life. Admittedly, there are delays at home, especially dealing with the past. Fiery Mars is opposite your sign, which means you have to be patient with others for the next month because they are annoying. This is over in January, but until then you have to demonstrat­e grace under pressure. Fortunatel­y, your money scene looks good (a nice consolatio­n). You will attract material possession­s and money to you. Financial opportunit­ies might arise. Your ability to negotiate financial deals will be excellent. The only downside is you might blow a wad on beautiful clothes, jewelry or art objects. Oh well. If you’ve got it baby, flaunt it!

LIBRA | (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

This week, your busy pace continues. Fortunatel­y, you’re used to juggling lots of social demands on your time. Short trips are unavoidabl­e. You will enjoy talking to others, especially friends you haven’t seen for a while. One reason you are busy is you are working hard. Note: Something to do with your work will be frustratin­g because you want to put your schedule first, and yet others are making demands on your time (grrrr). The upside is you will take pride in whatever you do, and this is a pleasant reward. Meanwhile, this continues to be a great time to buy wardrobe items for yourself. Do it! It’s important to feel you look good — it affects everything you do.

SCORPIO | (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

It’s no surprise that your focus is increasing­ly on money because you are now entering a 12-month window where you will become richer! Yes, expect increased earnings! Even if you don’t work, you will feel richer for one reason or another. This is a fact. Secret love affairs seem to be taking place for many of you. (Very much your style. You are passionate, impulsive when aroused, and you’re hot and sexy!) Don’t do anything you will regret later. This week you feel playful, sportive and up for adventure, especially athletic activities. You might be in competitio­n with someone. Naturally all this physical energy can be expressed in any way you choose. (Wink, wink; nudge, nudge.)

SAGITTARIU­S | (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Well, it continues to be all about you dahling because the Sun, retrograde Mercury and lucky Jupiter are all in your sign. Admittedly, retrograde Mercury is maddening! This is why you’re misplacing things, missing appointmen­ts, running late and having confused communicat­ions with others. However, it’s also why you’re in contact with partners and friends from the past. Although increased chaos and activity on the home front might exist because of renovation­s, residentia­l moves, visiting guests or something, one thing is certain: Fair Venus will help you to enjoy being in the company of friends. These relations will be more loving and affectiona­te. (Actually, a friend could become a lover.)

CAPRICORN | (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

This week has two contradict­ory influences for you. In one way, you want to hide. You prefer to work alone or behind the scenes to research something. (Incidental­ly, doing research will go extremely well this week.) Contradict­ing this however, are Venus and Mars. Mars makes you direct and forthright in all your communicat­ions with others. It also makes you busy and opinionate­d. You will strongly identify with your ideas, which might make you argumentat­ive. Neverthele­ss, it’s helpful for sales, marketing, teaching, writing and acting. Meanwhile, Venus will create favourable circumstan­ces to talk to bosses and VIPs. People will seek out your advice.

AQUARIUS | (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Old friends from the past are in contact again. This might come about by casual happenstan­ce or because you are travelling. (You definitely want to travel for pleasure this week.) You might take workshops with a friend to explore a consciousn­ess-expanding experience that promotes your personal growth. Take time to enjoy art exhibits and art galleries because your appreciati­on of beauty is enhanced this week. Even unusual people will appeal to you (well, nothing new there). You might shop this week because your desire to own things is strong. You want to gratify your ego. Guard against wasteful spending!

PISCES | (Feb. 19-March 20)

This continues to be a powerful time for you because a gaggle of planets at the top of your chart makes you look wonderful in the eyes of bosses, parents and VIPs. Everyone thinks you can walk on water. Actually, this is just a taste of what is to come in the next 12 months because you will find that in the coming year, you super impress others, which is why promotions, kudos and the esteem of your colleagues will come your way. Something unexpected will occur on Friday. Hopefully, a gift or a favour from someone? Meanwhile, until early January, you are PowerPoint on steroids because fiery Mars is in your sign giving you tons of energy to go after what you want.

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