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BRIDGE with Bob Jones


open Modern the 12-points bidding players hands on happily balanced and force to game as responder with a balanced 12-point hand of their own. The defenders frequently have a good chance to defeat them, but the way to do it is sometimes not obvious. The overbidder­s often rule the day, so they keep on bidding. Who can blame them? Consider today’s deal. North-South bashed to game with 12 opposite 12, with nor them. of and spades a he neither singleton West’s had lead to a opening consider five-card held between the king trick his suit next would move. have A defeated diamond the shift contract, but that shift looked risky to West. He chose the “safe” continuati­on of the queen of spades. South grabbed this with his ace, cashed the ace of hearts, and led a low heart to the queen and king. The jack of hearts drew the last enemy trump. Declarer led a club to his ace and ruffed his last spade in dummy. The king of clubs and another club put East on play with nothing left in his hand but diamonds. East was forced to give dummy the king of diamonds for declarer’s tenth trick. Nicely played, but the defense missed their chance. Would you have found it?

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