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Canada should ban Americans who own prohibited guns


In response to Canadians receiving lifetime bans to enter the U.S. for admitting to cannabis use or working or investing in Canadian cannabis companies, our government should be instructin­g Canadian Border Services to start asking Americans what type of firearms they own.

Should they admit to owning guns that are prohibited in Canada, they should received lifetime bans to enter our country. After all, guns are a greater danger than marijuana.

Maybe a little pressure from American citizens on their own government will have a greater effect on getting rid of these arbitrary lifetime bans on Canadians. Imagine all the Americans transiting through Canada by land or sea who would have to fly non-stop to Alaska. Mike Falconer, Langley

Why is FPTP OK on PR ballot?

Consider this when you are voting in the electoral-reform referendum: Proponents of proportion­al representa­tion claim that system is fairer and constantly refer to elections where one party may form a majority government with less than half of the popular vote.

They claim this means that more than half of the electorate opposes the government. But should those who vote in this referendum must choose from three alternativ­es, where the one with the most votes wins. In other words, as many as two thirds of those who voted may oppose that choice. Bill Richardson, West Vancouver

Weaver has duped Greens

I found Green party leader Andrew Weaver’s op-ed Thursday outlining all his accomplish­ments with his NDP partners to be amusing.

He mentions all the recommenda­tions the Greens put forward to support the NDP and vice versa. He says this was done for the good of all British Columbians. What about his objections to the Site C dam that he didn’t support but did nothing to stop? What about his idle threat to bring down the government over LNG? Again nothing. What about his objections over removing tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges? Again nothing.

His intentions are not for the good of British Columbians but solely for his selfish political reasons. Green party voters have been deceived. Darryl Wallis, Agassiz

Longer jail terms needed

Wednesday’s op-ed by several lawyers explaining why demanding that judges be fired for a sentence they have imposed is correct in principle. But it is high time that our government take a serious look at our laws and definitely increase the penalties for doing crimes.

Going to jail is supposed to be a deterrent for committing a crime. However, in many cases a bad person who is guilty, many with a lengthy record, gets off with a slap on the wrist.

Or we learn that their rights were violated so they get off, even though they were guilty, in some cases of very serious crimes.

It is time to increase the penalties so people may think twice about committing a crime. Tom Duncan, Chilliwack

Lock up whom, exactly?

Hillary Clinton used a private server for government business. At every Republican rally, enraged Republican­s — under the direction of U.S. President Donald Trump — have chanted “Lock her up!”

Now that it has been discovered that Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and adviser, also used a private server for government business, at future Republican rallies, when the audience roboticall­y chants, “Lock her up!”, Democrats need only ask, “Lock whom up?” Jerry Steinberg, Surrey

 ?? —FILES ?? Canada should give the U.S. a taste of its own medicine by applying pressure at the border, says one reader.
—FILES Canada should give the U.S. a taste of its own medicine by applying pressure at the border, says one reader.

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