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Copeman Healthcare client loses 150lbs with key lifestyle changes


As he entered his fifties, local Vancouver real estate developer Jacob Bergen had attempted numerous diets in hopes of losing weight. His ambitious plan wasn’t to merely shed 20 pounds – he was trying to pare 175 pounds off his 375 pound frame.

“It was getting to the point where I could tell my weight was starting to negatively affect my health,” says Bergen. “I severely injured my knee in a fall and tore my ACL, which was going to require surgery to repair.

“It was around that time that I decided to join Copeman Healthcare. My family physician had just retired, and I’d heard about Copeman and its comprehens­ive care program through Dr. Peter House.”

The first steps of a weight-loss journey

Bergen’s journey with Copeman Healthcare started with a big wake-up call. “The results from my first annual comprehens­ive health assessment were not encouragin­g. In addition to being severely overweight, my blood pressure and cholestero­l were extremely unhealthy, and I was diagnosed with prediabete­s, meaning I was at a high risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. I decided I better start doing something about my health, before it was too late.” Bergen began taking full advantage of the range of services available at Copeman, including visits with his family physician, kinesiolog­ist and physiother­apist. “While I was waiting for surgery to repair my ACL I started seeing a physiother­apist who helped improve my knee. I also visited my kinesiolog­ist who recommende­d exercise programs, such as hot yoga, stretching and strengthen­ing my knee and bone structure. I really appreciate­d the collaborat­ive effort of all the different clinicians. In the end, I didn’t actually end up needing the scheduled surgery as my knee had already made a great recovery.”

Bergen also began taking multiple medication­s to manage his blood pressure and cholestero­l levels. He knew, however, that to truly turn around his health, he would need to shed some pounds requiring a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Support, dedication and a dietitian were the keys to success

In addition to visits with other members of his care team, Bergan started seeing his registered dietitian regularly.

“My dietitian helped me change my eating habits and address the issues I had – the biggest of which was cutting back on refined carbs and watching my portion sizes. My family physician continued to measure my health numbers to ensure my blood pressure and other measures were improving. “My healthcare team was a great source of education and a strong support system in my lifestyle changes. They always keep me motivated and on track.” In the ten years Bergen has been a client at Copeman Healthcare, his transforma­tion has been nothing short of amazing. In the first year that he started visiting his registered dietitian, Bergen lost 25 pounds. “I’ve now lost over 150 pounds since joining Copeman. I have more energy, I’m much more motivated and, overall, I feel way better. My blood pressure and cholestero­l levels have all improved and everything’s in the healthy zone. I’m now in my mid-sixties, but I feel like I’m still 40 – it’s been a complete change!”

Bergen now plans to lose another 20 pounds to reach his goal of 175. With his healthy lifestyle habits, positive attitude and Copeman support, it’s just a matter of time until he hits the mark.

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