Hunter wants more in­for­ma­tion from coy­ote car­casses

The Southern Gazette - - FRONT PAGE - BY BRODIE THOMAS

Bur­geo res­i­dent Dion Dominey has been hunt­ing coy­otes since 2004.

He said he has 16 hides hang­ing up in his shed. He’s given a few away over the years, but eight of those hides are from kills in the past few months.

He thinks the species pop­u­la­tion is up in the Bur­geo area when com­pared with past years.

“There’s lots of tracks ev­ery­where. More than you would be­lieve.”

On a re­cent Sun­day hunt­ing trip, he bagged his lat­est coy­ote. On that same day, two of his friends hit two sep­a­rate coy­otes with their ve­hi­cles while driv­ing on Route 480.

Mr. Dominey thinks more are com­ing around be­cause the snow is down and there are more tracks to fol­low.

“They’re out look­ing to get their food, just like the rest of us.”

He also thinks there are fewer piles of moose en­trails to scav­enge now that hunt­ing sea­son is over.

So far, Mr. Dominey has shot two coy­otes with ra­dio col­lars put on by wildlife of­fi­cials. He has sent those col­lars in to of­fi­cials, along with the car­cass of ev­ery an­i­mal he shoots.

When he sent in his first ra­dio col­lar, the Depart­ment of Nat­u­ral Re­sources sent back the data from the col­lar, in­clud­ing where the an­i­mal was col­lared and where it had been shot. He is await­ing that data for the sec­ond col­lar he re­turned.

He would like to see the depart­ment give hunters back more in­for­ma­tion on the car­casses they are send­ing in.

“It’s some­thing all of us would like to get. I’m sure they could send it back. Just things like: Was it seven years old or two years old? What’s in the belly?”

In past in­ter­views, wildlife bi­ol­o­gists have said coy­otes are not killing many adult cari­bou. Mr. Dominey said he has seen ev­i­dence of cari­bou kills hap­pen­ing.

He came across a cari­bou car­cass in the mid­dle of a frozen pond. He thinks the coy­otes chased the cari­bou onto the ice and at­tacked it when it lost its foot­ing.

Mr. Dominey in­di­cated he doesn’t like the fact hunters can’t hunt coy­otes dur­ing the sum­mer months. He would like to see the sea­son opened year round.

Even with ex­tra hunt­ing time, he agrees with pro­vin­cial wildlife bi­ol­o­gists who say it would be im­pos­si­ble to erad­i­cate coy­otes on the is­land.

“They’re tough. My fa­ther-in-law shot one with three legs. We didn’t re­al­ize he only had three legs un­til it was shot. You wouldn’t know it to see it run.”

The Depart­ment of Nat­u­ral Re­sources was con­tacted for this story but did not respond be­fore dead­line.

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Hunter Dion Dominey has been get­ting a lot of coy­otes in the Bur­geo area this year. He wants to see the Depart­ment of Nat­u­ral Re­sources re­lease more data on the car­casses that are be­ing sent in.

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