Nal­cor is fed up!

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Nal­cor was fed up. There comes a time when you have to ad­mit there is noth­ing you can do to help.

The lit­tle Muskrat had ar­rived at that point with Mizkat. She seemed to be giv­ing up, her­self.

Who could blame her?

The lat­est poll of voter pref­er­ence put Mizkat’s party well into last place and Mizkat’s per­sonal pop­u­lar­ity in a sta­tis­ti­cal tie for last with a lead­er­less party.

No, it was worse than that. The Lib­eral Party of Canada’s Rich and Poor prov­ince was in a lead­er­ship race. The in­terim leader de­clared he would not run and was leav­ing pol­i­tics.

‘Dean of the Golden Arches’, who had been thought to be the fron­trun­ning un­de­clared lead­er­ship can­di­date for the Lib­er­als de­cided sud­denly not to run.

On­look­ers may re­mem­ber ‘Dean of the Golden Arches’ as a for­mer busi­ness part­ner of the ‘An­gry Man Who Talks Too Fast’. When The An­gry Man re­signed sud­denly as Chief Boss of the Rich and Poor Prov­ince, al­most si­mul­ta­ne­ously Dean of the Golden Arches popped up as a likely leader of the Lib­er­als.

The Lib­er­als, you will re­mem­ber, as a po­lit­i­cal party whose name The An­gry Man nor­mally could not ut­ter with­out snarling. Some peo­ple in the au­di­ence were puz­zled.

Not those who un­der­stand busi­ness.

If Mizkat and her Tories were drop­ping in the polls, and along with them the pop­u­lar­ity of Muskrat Falls, it might be con­ve­nient for Dean of the Golden Arches, a Muskrat sup­porter, to be­come the leader of the party likely to be­come the govern­ment. It’s just busi­ness, thought some.

But then Golden Arches boy with­drew from the race. Still more puz­zle­ment.

Nal­cor had to ad­mit he was puz­zled. He thought he had been mak­ing good progress train­ing his lit­tle Muskrat brain to un­der­stand how the hu­mans think, but this lat­est twist was mak­ing him dizzy.

Not for long though. Dean of the Golden Arches stepped for­ward to en­dorse some­one who ac­tu­ally owns some Golden Arches.

He en­dorsed ‘Cathy Would You Like Fries With That?’, a fast food en­tre­pre­neur never be­fore known as a Lib­eral, but a fan of Muskrat Falls.

This is when Mizkat, whose mind had been get­ting lower and lower, stepped off the bot­tom rung of the lad­der and went into free fall.

Nal­cor, asleep in his lit­tle bas­ket, was be­ing shaken awake one night in three th­ese days by a dis­traught Mizkat fran­tic to pour out her heart to him over the lat­est bad news. “I can’t stand it Nal­cor! “For­mer busi­ness part­ner num­ber 1, The An­gry Man Who Talks Too Fast all of a sud­den quits his job as Chief Boss of The Rich and Poor Prov­ince and en­dorses me, as his re­place­ment. Kathy num­ber 1.

“Our en­tire agenda as a govern­ment was to en­sure Muskrat Falls was rammed through no mat­ter how great the op­po­si­tion in the House of Assem­bly or among the pub­lic. I can fol­low or­ders so that’s what I did.

“But poll­sters keep con­stantly blurt­ing out bad news. Our party is los­ing pop­u­lar­ity! Peo­ple didn’t like me any­more! Some­thing must be done! Muskrat Falls is in dan­ger!

“For­mer busi­ness part­ner num­ber 2, Dean of the Golden Arches all of a sud­den drops out of the leader- ship race of the Lib­eral Party of the Rich and Poor Prov­ince. He en­dorses a re­place­ment. Cathy num­ber 2!

“I can’t stand it Nal­cor! It’s so un­fair. I feel used. Used up and thrown away. I can’t stand it!

“Then, as if it all wasn’t bad enough that jour­nal­ist writes an edi­to­rial on the front page telling me it’s over and I should quit. Who does he think he is? The nerve! I don’t know what to do Nal­cor.”

Nal­cor doesn’t know what to do ei­ther. He knows what he doesn’t want to do. He doesn’t want to be awak­ened in the mid­dle of the night any more by a sad, loud woman.

Ever since he first came to stay with MIzkat in her house in the Cap­i­tal City, Nal­cor has been torn be­tween his af­fec­tion for her kind­ness to him and his anger at the ill­con­ceived plan she en­dorses.

A plan that will dam the Big Cigar River and flood him out, and all his neigh­bours with him. From what he can un­der­stand, it will be the ru­ina­tion of all the peo­ple in The Rich and Poor Prov­ince too, if some­one doesn’t stop it.

That some­one may take the form, not of peo­ple, but of muskrats. Nal­cor has no­ticed items are start­ing to ap­pear on the net about small groups of Nova Sco­tia and Que­bec muskrats gath­er­ing to­gether to form an ac­tion plan. One of the at­tached pho­tos shows a band of muskrats milling around car­ry­ing an­tiMuskrat Falls plac­ards.

“It’s a start,” thought the lit­tle muskrat.

“If the Rich and Poor Prov­ince can’t man­age its own prob­lems, maybe out­side help is needed. A happy end­ing is not im­pos­si­ble to imag­ine.”

to be con­tin­ued ...

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