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THE BOLD AND THE BEAU­TI­FUL Liam ques­tioned Thomas’ mo­tives when St­effy told him of her brother’s sud­den in­ter­est in Ivy. Wy­att ad­mit­ted to Ivy his con­cern about Thomas be­ing a prob­lem in their re­la­tion­ship. An un­ex­pected in­ter­rup­tion dur­ing their first sono­gram caused dis­com­fort for Car­o­line and Ridge, and Car­o­line found it more dif­fi­cult to keep the true paternity of her baby a se­cret. Zende still had reser­va­tions about Ni­cole’s de­ci­sion to carry Maya and Rick’s baby. Car­o­line feared Br­roke would find out the truth about iden­tity of her baby’s fa­ther. An in­no­cent in­ter­ac­tion with Liam re­vealed Brooke’s se­cret. Car­o­line was at a loss when Liam asked how she was able to get preg­nant so quickly. Maya be­came con­cerned that Ni­cole was hav­ing sec­ond thoughts about her sur­ro­gacy. Thomas be­came sus­pi­cious when Brooke ex­pressed her sur­prise at Car­o­line’s preg­nancy. Liam be­came more ob­ser­vant of in­ter­ac­tions at For­rester Cre­ations. Thomas again tried to mend fences with Ridge.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES A fierce bat­tle led to a stun­ning death. Sami re­vealed to John and Mar­lena her new­found power to de­stroy the DiMeras. To es­cape, Abi­gail tried to se­duce Ben. Steve made a sur­pris­ing con­fes­sion to Kayla about the past. The past ganged up on Hope. Ex­on­er­ated, Chad sought out Abi­gail. Ben con­fronted Abi­gail about her af­fair with Chad. Kate and Ed­uardo hit it off. Abi­gail re­layed a coded mes­sage to Chad. Hope learned the truth about Bo’s dis­ap­pear­ance. John re­ceived un­ex­pected news from the ISA. Jen­nifer reached out to an un­rav­el­ing Hope. A rift de­vel­oped be­tween Ciara and Chase. Ni­cole had a run-in with Daniel’s charm­ing pal Flynn. Theresa asked Brady where their re­la­tion­ship stood. Guilt over Bo caused Hope to with­draw. Steve sought to pro­tect Joey when he sus­pected an old foe was tar­get­ing him. Chad tried to con­vince Rafe that Abi­gail was in trou­ble.

GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL Sur­pris­ing news rocked Port Charles. Jake ac­cused Niko­las of hid­ing the truth about his iden­tity. Ava goaded Sonny into los­ing his tem­per at the cus­tody hear­ing. Scott tried to rat­tle Michael and Mor­gan at the hear­ing. Hay­den dropped a bomb­shell on Niko­las. Sam and Pa­trick strug­gled with their cir­cum­stances. Sonny let Carly have it for miss­ing the hear­ing. The cus­tody hear­ing reached a boil­ing point. Hay­den made a cryp­tic call. Carly brought Jake to visit Sonny. Dante tried to work things out with Lulu. Alexis and Ju­lian dis­cussed the im­pact of their former busi­ness op­er­a­tions. Nina went for a job in­ter­view. Dil­lon en­cour­aged Maxie to pur­sue her act­ing am­bi­tions. Lulu made an im­pul­sive de­ci­sion. Maxie in­ad­ver­tently talked her­self into a new job. Sam sought moth­er­lyl ad­vice from Alexis. El­iz­a­beth shared im­por­tant news with Mon­ica. Dante en­coun­tered new cadet Va­lerie at the po­lice sta­tion.

THE YOUNG AND THE REST­LESS Sharon told Dr. An­der­son that Patty was try­ing to con­tact Dy­lan. Dr. An­der­son forced Sharon to take her medicine. Nikki was con­cerned about the state of Nick and Sage’s mar­riage. Dev­as­tated that she lost Cane for­ever, Lily told Joe she re­grets not trust­ing him. Gwen told Neil she was frus­trated with his pre­oc­cu­pa­tion with Hi­lary. Later, she got drunk and nearly came clean with Devon about Hi­lary. Vic­tor de­clined Luca’s of­fer to bail out New­man En­ter­prises. He ad­vised Luca to fo­cus on their deal of get­ting Marisa out of Genoa City – an ex­change she wit­nessed.

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