Why must driv­ers leave their ve­hi­cles on a ferry ride?

The Southern Gazette - - Editorial - (Ret) Capt. Wil­fred Bartlett Green Bay South

I re­cently read a Tele­gram ar­ti­cle by Glen Whiffen about Kather­ine Walters of Bell Island (“Risks to ill pas­sen­gers not just a ferry tale: woman,” Oct. 4) who re­cently had some se­ri­ous med­i­cal prob­lems and had to travel on the ferry, a 20-minute cross­ing and was forced to leave her car and en­dure discomfort and pain for no other rea­son but be­cause some­one in gov­ern­ment de­cided they should.

We have a ferry in this area that does a run from Pil­ley’s Island to Lit­tle Bay Is­lands (30 minute ride), from Pil­ley’s Island to Long Island (five-minute ride). This past spring while trav­el­ling to Long Island to at­tend a fu­neral, I was told I had to get out of my ve­hi­cle. I looked at him in amaze­ment. For all the years on that ferry run, peo­ple go­ing to Lit­tle Bay Is­lands would leave their ve­hi­cle and go to the lounge, more to so­cial­ize with other pas­sen­gers.

On the run to Long Island, no one left their ve­hi­cle — only a fiveminute run.

This past sum­mer Long Island had their yearly civic hol­i­day. For years they have been us­ing this hol­i­day as a fundraiser to get a re­li­able fire truck for the island.

With hun­dreds of peo­ple all over cen­tral New­found­land trav­el­ling to the island, the ferry shut down for three hours in the mid­dle of the day be­cause the el­e­va­tor broke down. Even though there were two set of stairs to the lounge and there may not have been any­one who needed the el­e­va­tor (five-minute cross­ing), this ferry shut down, leav­ing hun­dreds of peo­ple on Pil­ley’s Island who had to can­cel their trip and go back home all be­cause of a stupid reg­u­la­tion.

This has noth­ing to do with safety. I can­not re­call any ac­ci­dents that have oc­curred in this prov­ince in all the years these fer­ries have been run­ning. It all had to do with this gov­ern­ment im­pos­ing stupid rules on our pop­u­la­tion and it is not show­ing any com­pas­sion for our sick and el­derly ci­ti­zens.

Why can’t we elect politi­cians who show some com­pas­sion and com­mon sense so that our peo­ple can be served bet­ter?

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