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Tastes change. It’s frus­trat­ing ac­tu­ally. We like to think that our likes and dis­likes are static – that the things that make us “us” are un­chang­ing.

For ex­am­ple; I’ve al­ways hated hum­mus. How­ever, like any cu­ri­ous sucker for pun­ish­ment I kept tast­ing it over and over and re­coil­ing in hor­ror as the acrid taste and ob­nox­ious tex­ture choke-slammed my mouth into obliv­ion. Even in cook­ing school when I was charged with mak­ing the sticky sub­stance to my own hy­po­thet­i­cal lik­ing, I loathed it.

My girl­friend though? She loves the stuff. See­ing her en­joy­ing some left­over Hal­loween po­tato chips with some hum­mus dip re­cently got my masochis­tic cu­rios­ity primed again. Be­fore I knew it, my arm reached out, snagged a chip, scooped a gen­er­ous glob of hum­mus and plopped it all into my kisser. Boom.

The nutty, tangy and spicy flavour em­braced my mouth in a bear hug. It min­gled with the salty crunch of the po­tato chips like a sub­tle waltz of for­bid­den love be­tween star-crossed courters and the umami was the mu­sic that they danced to. The thick and grainy mouth­feel that I used to de­spise was now rich, ro­bust and in­sis­tent. An­other chip was in my hand be­fore I knew it. And an­other. And an­other. “Stop eat­ing my chips!” protested Ash­ley. Or some­thing to that af­fect. My mind was else­where – lost in the waltz. It must have been wor­thy of Snapchat be­cause I re­mem­ber her tak­ing a Snap as my greedy hands went for yet an­other de­li­cious morsel.

I im­me­di­ately wanted to make my own hum­mus cre­ation from scratch. For a few dreamy mo­ments I wracked my brain to re­mem­ber the old recipe from Academy Canada that I could tweak with a bit of this and that, but no dice. A lit­tle bit of googling and 10 min­utes on Pin­ter­est helped me to in­stead cre­ate this in­cred­i­ble con­coc­tion:

1 can chick­peas

½ tbsp peanut but­ter

½ lemon, juiced

1 clove gar­lic, minced

1/8 tea­spoon cumin

¼ cup olive oil

½ cup roasted red pep­pers

½ tsp salt Di­rec­tions

Sim­ply add all in­gre­di­ents to a blender and blend un­til smooth. Foods that go great with hum­mus: Po­tato chips, tor­tilla chips, rice rusks, car­rots/car­rot sticks, cel­ery sticks, so sexy u are cu­cum­ber slices, naan bread, sushi, crack­ers, melba toast, baked pita bread, bread sticks, condi­ment for wraps and pitas, stuff­ing for chicken breast, dress­ing for gar­den salad and a side for unique cold plates.

It’s worth men­tion­ing that most hu­mus is made with a yummy sub­stance called tahini, but it’s not that com­mon in ru­ral ar­eas and as such I went for a more ac­ces­si­ble ver­sion of this deca­dent paste.

Hav­ing even small parts of your iden­tity shaken up can be weird at best, painful at most. Whether we like it or not, who we are does and will con­tinue to change and evolve over time. New re­la­tion­ships, new knowl­edge and facts, new spir­i­tual rev­e­la­tions and ev­ery­thing that leaves a mark on our minds, hearts and souls will change us. While I used to scoff and say “hum­mus sch­mum­mus” at even the mere men­tion of this in­cred­i­bly healthy snack food, it’s now one of my favourite foods and my lat­est ob­ses­sion…well, one of two.

Thanks Smash­ley.

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