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Carnell selected as Green Party candidate for Cypress Hills-Grasslands


With an uncertain future facing the federal minority government, the Green Party has selected a candidate to run in the Cypress Hills – Grasslands Constituen­cy.

Chris Carnell from Frontier edged out two other candidates in a nomination race on Aug. 29 in Frontier.

“It’s an honor to be elected by the members to represent the Green Party,” explained Carnell, an Informatio­n Systems Administra­tor and business owner in Frontier. “I’m looking forward to competing in the election for the opportunit­y to represent this riding in Ottawa.”

Carnell said that the Green Party differs from the other parties in that they are truly representa­tive to the voters.

“It was very refreshing to see a Party that was willing to run on its principles. They offer new solutions to many of the challenges that are facing us today as well as challenges that will face our children. The other parties out there are demonstrat­ing that they would rather listen since last year.

“Chris is a great candidate. He truly represents the future for this riding,” said Cypress Hills – Grasslands Green Party Associatio­n president Mark Taylor. “At 28, he’s already demonstrat­ed his commitment to this region by having a family here, volunteeri­ng with various organizati­ons to improve the area’s quality of life, and by taking on the challenges of being a local businessma­n.”

The Cypress Hills-Grasslands riding was one of the stronger performing Green ridings in Saskatchew­an in the 2008 election. Candidate Bill Clary received 6.9 per cent of the popular vote during the October 2008 election. Both Carnell and Taylor believe that the region could be a Green breakthrou­gh.

“We have the windmills in Gull Lake, various organic farmers and a host of small businesses like the winery in Maple Creek all over this riding. These are the business ventures that the Green Party would support very enthusiast­ically, as they are the true source of the nations’ growth,” said Taylor. to the party leaders than listen to their real bosses, the voters.”

“Citizens are already demonstrat­ing they are green in how they live. It’s just a matter of getting them to vote Green in the voting booth.”

Carnell studied Computer Informatio­n Systems at SIAST and moved to Frontier eight years ago with his wife Kate. Since settling in town they have had four children. He is active on the Frontier School community council as well as serving on the executive of the Climax Lions Club. He has owned the town’s apartment complex

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