Yel­low Vest par­tic­i­pant shares rea­sons for rally

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So to­day, Satur­day De­cem­ber 15, I and 23 oth­ers did some­thing. Among over 100 plus com­mu­ni­ties and thou­sands of proud pa­tri­ots across the coun­try, we wore our yel­low vests and ral­lied against the Car­bon Tax and the Trudeau Govern­ments uni­lat­eral de­ci­sion to sign onto the United Na­tions Global Com­pact Mi­gra­tion Pact. It was a peace­ful rally. A fun rally. A rally that re­ceived plenty of sup­port­ive honk­ing and thumbs up. Even the wind could do noth­ing to dis­cour­age our love of coun­try. I an­tic­i­pate this move­ment will con­tinue to grow in the com­ing weeks.

One Face­book group “Yel­low Vests Canada” cre­ated just over a week ago has al­ready bal­looned to 71,377 mem­bers as I write this let­ter. Even more amaz­ing, the same page grew from 58,000 to 71,377 in just four and a half hours!

The Car­bon Tax is pretty self-ex­plana­tory. A tax that does ab­so­lutely noth­ing to solve or ad­dress the is­sue of cli­mate change in any tan­gi­ble way. It might make some feel good about them­selves but in no way makes a pos­i­tive tan­gi­ble dif­fer­ence. What it is do­ing and will do is make the cost of liv­ing more ex­pen­sive for ev­ery­one and dis­cour­age eco­nomic growth and fu­ture in­vest­ment. The Car­bon Tax is noth­ing but a bla­tant tax grab based on a pseudo moral out­rage.

The United Na­tions Global Com­pact on Mi­gra­tion is an en­tirely dif­fer­ent mat­ter. It’s an is­sue few peo­ple are in­formed about. “It’s a clear step by the global elites and the Trudeau gov­ern­ment to wipe out Canada’s bor­ders, and push our na­tion fur­ther in the di­rec­tion of be­ing a ‘post-na­tional state,’ where Ci­ti­zen­ship, bor­ders, and democ­racy are stripped of all mean­ing.” (Spencer Fer­nando)

They say this agree­ment is not legally bind­ing. Nei­ther is the Paris Cli­mate Ac­cord. Like all slip­pery slopes, any UN agree­ment is a prece­dent set­ting global moral au­thor­ity that al­lows a gov­ern­ment to “ex­cuse” their de­ci­sions like a Car­bon Tax or Forced Mi­gra­tion. We have heard it all be­fore when the Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment claims it is our re­spon­si­bil­ity as a coun­try to meet our “obli­ga­tions.” Obli­ga­tions Cana­di­ans never had a say about. There are many rea­sons the Trudeau Lib­er­als were elected. They were not elected to sign away Canada’s sovereignty; the power of the peo­ple.

Those of us who par­tic­i­pate in these ral­lies are not against im­mi­gra­tion. We are for safe, se­cure, reg­u­lated im­mi­gra­tion that our coun­try can eco­nom­i­cally sus­tain. We are for im­mi­gra­tion that en­cour­ages cul­tural in­te­gra­tion not trans­for­ma­tion. We are for merit based im­mi­gra­tion. Mi­gra­tion is NOT a hu­man right. It must be a priv­i­lege that is earned and hon­oured. No gov­ern­ment Lib­eral, Con­ser­va­tive or oth­er­wise has the right to sign away ev­ery cit­i­zens right to have a say.

Oh Canada We Stand On Guard For Thee.

Stacey Ellert­son - Swift Cur­rent

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