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Q: What’s go­ing on at Wel­land Canal Lock 3 be­hind the St. Catharines Mu­seum? Looks like they put in a bridge.

A: The Wel­land Canal re­mains a hub of ac­tiv­ity now that the ship­ping sea­son is over.

At Lock 3 in St. Catharines, con­trac­tor E.S. Fox is work­ing on the re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion of the east and west lower end gates of the lock.

The tem­po­rary bridge was in­stalled to al­low work­ers and light ma­te­ri­als to be trans­ported eas­ily and safely from one side to the other, ex­plained Alv­ina Ghi­rardi, man­ager of re­gional ser­vices for the St. Lawrence Se­away Man­age­ment Cor­po­ra­tion.

The project is run­ning 24-7 over the win­ter.

Ghi­rardi said this type of work, which in­volves re­ha­bil­i­tat­ing the lock gate hinges, en­sures that the gates, or doors, con­tinue to swing open and close ef­fort­lessly while main­tain­ing a very tight seal.

It’s the first time the se­away is do­ing the work on the tall gates, which are 82 feet high. In the past, it’s re­ha­bil­i­tated the shorter gates that are ei­ther 36 feet or 44 feet tall.

Ghi­rardi said the shorter gates need to be re­ha­bil­i­tated ev­ery 12 years while the taller gates can be done ev­ery 20 to 25 years.

“This work is con­sid­ered part of our on­go­ing nor­mal project main­te­nance work for each lock,” she said.

The same type of work was done at Locks 1 and 2 last win­ter.

Q: Re­gard­ing garbage pick up, what were the costs of this mishap (with work­ers be­ing paid dou­ble or more time) and to the Re­gion and tax­pay­ers to­tally? It has to have been a load of money spent.

A: Any mea­sures taken by Ni­a­gara Re­gion’s con­trac­tor Emterra to catch up on its waste col­lec­tion de­lays are out of the com­pany’s pocket.

Cather­ineHaber­mebl,Ni­a­gara’sdi­rec­tor of waste man­age­ment ser­vices, said any over­time, rental of ad­di­tional ve­hi­cles or sub­con­tract­ing work is all at Emterra’s cost and there’s no cost to the Re­gion.

The garbage, or­gan­ics and re­cy­cling col­lec­tion de­lays started the week be­tween Christ­mas and New Year’s and af­fected ev­ery mu­nic­i­pal­ity in the re­gion.

This week, the com­pany was mostly caught up, with de­lays of up to one day in some ar­eas. Emterra has said the de­lays were caused by a short­age of trucks and staff, as well as bonechilling tem­per­a­tures.

On Fri­day af­ter­noon, Haber­mebl said Emterra ex­pected to have all ma­te­ri­als col­lected on sched­ule by Fri­day evening.

“They are in good shape, but pend­ing the weather and what tran­spires over the next cou­ple of hours that could im­pact col­lec­tion,” she said. Ni­a­gara was un­der a spe­cial weather state­ment Fri­day night for icy con­di­tions and ac­cu­mu­lat­ing snow.

She said Emterra has crews out on Satur­day col­lect­ing Christ­mas trees but they planned to bring in ad­di­tional crews from other Emterra mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties to as­sist with trash col­lec­tion if they weren’t able to com­plete the job Fri­day night.

“If they can­not com­plete re­cy­cyling, or­gan­ics and garbage to­day be­cause of the weather, then they will have crews here to­mor­row clean­ing up that ma­te­rial,” Haber­mebl said Fri­day.

The Re­gion up­dates its web­site about the garbage sched­ule daily and res­i­dents are ad­vised to check it out at­a­garare­


Work crews put in place a tem­po­rary bridge over lock 3 of the Wel­land Canal Tues­day. With the ship­ping sea­son over, re­pairs and con­struc­tion will be­gin.


Emterra says it is work­ing hard to get all of the garbage and re­cy­cling picked up from St. Catharines homes.

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