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Trina (Ful­ford) Crewe al­ways told her hus­band Corey she’d like to be re­mem­bered as a singer. Trina passed away a year ago, a few months shy of her 57th birth­day.

Corey is ful­fill­ing Trina’s wish by com­pil­ing her mu­sic on a new CD.

Corey and Trina be­gan per­form­ing to­gether in 1973. Mak­ing peo­ple laugh with their skits and im­promptu jokes was as much a part of their show as the mu­sic.

“We played in about 300 com­mu­ni­ties over and over for 25 years, go­ing back to some com­mu­ni­ties three times in a year. So, I’d like to get a cou­ple of th­ese CDs in the com­mu­ni­ties where we played. How to do that? I don’t know,” Corey says.

Al­though the duo re­leased four al­bums over the years, they con­cen­trated on per­form­ing rather than pro­duc­ing.

“We ne­glected our recorded mu­sic and did live shows,” Corey says.

Corey and Trina moved to Al­berta in 1998 to find work. Corey taught. Trina man­aged a hair sa­lon. They both worked full time, con­tin­u­ing to en­ter­tain when they could, and all the while, Corey says, Trina talked about get­ting back into the mu­sic busi­ness.

“She re­ally wanted us to get our mu­sic out on CDs and she wanted us to do it right this time,” he says.

Started again

The cou­ple be­gan by hav­ing some of their songs re-mas­tered, Corey says. “We were go­ing to come back home and do shows and sell our CD at our con­certs, like the way they do it now.”

Just as the project got off the ground, Trina be­came sick.

“And, of course, then ev­ery­thing stopped be­cause of fi­nances.”

Corey and Trina did their last show as a duo Jan. 5, 2007, in Fort McMur­ray.

“It was a two-hour fam­ily show and I think it was one of our best shows. I could have had it filmed and kept. But you never know some­thing so bad is go­ing to hap­pen and all of a sud­den it’s gone and you can’t get it back.”

While ill at the time of the con­cert, Trina had no idea she was bat­tling stom­ach can­cer — not the ul­cers doc­tors were di­ag­nos­ing.

The news came just weeks af­ter the Fort McMur­ray con­cert.

“They told her the can­cer was too bad to treat with chemo, that it was too ag­gres­sive. That was the only time she cried,” Corey says.

Corey and Trina have one daugh­ter, Co­rina. Their only grand­child, El­iz­a­beth was three months old when Trina was told she had ter­mi­nal can­cer.

Point­ing to a fam­ily photo of Trina ly­ing in bed cradling the in­fant brings a tear to Corey’s eye.

“She told me that’s the only time she didn’t feel any pain,” he says. Trina died July 5, 2007. Months af­ter her death, Corey moved back to New­found­land. His daugh­ter, son-in-law and grand­child also re­turned.

Corey is now com­mit­ted to fin­ish­ing the CD col­lec­tion that was so im­por­tant to his wife.

“I thought that’s the least I can do for her mem­ory, to com­plete her mu­sic,” he says.

The CD “Corey and Trina Favourite New­found­land and Ir­ish Bal­lads, Waltz and Jigs” fo­cuses on Trina’s singing rather than com­edy, Corey says, and be­gins with their most pop­u­lar song, “The North­ern Lights of Labrador.”

Flip­ping through pho­tos, videos and mem­o­ries of the girl he met when she was 19 and he 26, Corey says his big­gest re­gret in life is leav­ing New­found­land a decade ago.

“ Trina al­ways wanted to come back. You can’t change the de­ci­sions you make and we made it to­gether. But I don’t think it was the right de­ci­sion to ever go away. Al­berta was good to us, but we should never have gone away from our friends, our fam­ily and our mu­sic.”

“Corey and Trina Favourite New­found­land and Ir­ish Bal­lads, Waltz and Jigs” is now on sale at O’Brien’s Mu­sic, Fred’s Records and the CD Co. in St. John’s. Corey is also mak­ing a video of their per­for­mances.

Once that project is put to bed, he says, he’ll be sat­is­fied that he’s done ev­ery­thing he can to re­mem­ber the woman he loved.

While he of­ten thinks of the past and the good times he shared with Trina for al­most 37 years, Corey says he stays up­beat as much as pos­si­ble.

“I have my quiet mo­ments, but when I get in pub­lic I’m not all doom and gloom, be­cause I know Trina wouldn’t want that. Some­times it still seems like she’s still here, be­cause you can hear all her mu­sic and watch her on the videos. She’ll al­ways be close to me that way,” he says.

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Trina Crewe holds her grand­daugh­ter El­iz­a­beth.

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