The Telegram (St. John's)

Guilty plea expected in theft from jewelry store


A 16-year-old boy from Ontario is expected to plead guilty to a theft from Alteen’s Jewellery in Corner Brook when his case is called in provincial court today.

The boy, whose identity is protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was not present for an appearance on Wednesday afternoon.

In June it was indicated that the boy intended to apply to have the charges waived to Ontario. To do so he’d have to plead guilty.

However, Peter Chaffey, his legal aid lawyer, told Judge Kymil Howe Wednesday that the matter could be disposed of by a guilty plea here, but asked to set the matter over to today to allow him to work out all the details.

The boy is facing two theft charges and Chaffey said he had the disclosure on the one from Alteen’s, but not from the one originatin­g out of an alleged theft from a Telus Mobility Store in Grand Falls-windsor.

Howe asked that Chaffey advise the court today whether the Grand Falls-windsor charge would be dealt with here or go back to the court there.

The boy was arrested in May along with two other men following a cross-island crime spree.

The alleged thefts from Alteen’s and Telus occurred on May 11.

The other two people, Fanika Rostas, 22, and Ludovic Sava, 21, were sentenced on May 26 for the two thefts and a fraud that took place at Wal-mart in Mount Pearl on May 12.

Rostas, who had been living in Quebec, received 10 days in jail and Sava, who had been living in Ontario, 17 days. Both men, who are from Romania, had been illegally in Canada at the time of their arrests and were to be taken into custody by the Canada Border Services Agency at the end of their sentences.

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