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Cars in a line, Grand Falls

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On July 5th. we received an email from reader Pat Walsh and the above picture was attached. Pat wrote:

“I was looking at a book I received for my birthday back in July 1999, “Place of Character”, observing the 50th anniversar­y of Newfoundla­nd into Confederat­ion. The book was published by Robinson-blackmore. The caption to the above photo states the photo was taken in Grand Falls. I can’t make out the year on the plates. Do you think the cars are late 1940s or the early 1950s?”

Well, we’d guess the early 1940s. The third car from the left appears to be a 1941 Plymouth. Some, we’d guess, are slightly newer, others slightly older. We’ll leave the rest of the guessing to our readers.

in our April 29th. column. Pat Walsh did a little reminiscin­g when he saw it, as you can see in the following note which was appended to his main email (above, cars in Grand Falls):

“Enjoyed seeing the photo a while back of E.B. Tucker on Pennywell Road. I lived near there and often picked up some groceries for a Mrs. Chafe who ran the canteen at CJON, at the top of Prince of Wales Street.”

This photograph, though grainy, depicts the business of E. B. Tucker, 91 Pennywell Road, St. John’s. They dealt in provisions and groceries, etc., wholesale and retail. This photo is taken from the December 1953 issue of the “Atlantic Guardian.” It was sent to this column by Burton Janes.

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We first ran the picture at left

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