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Old-time motorcycli­sts


The photo above is part of as full-width version we carried in last weekend’s column. In that column, our headline said “c. 1920” and we noted that it looked earlier, possibly even 1910. The picture was sent in by Les Winsor on behalf of Bruce Neal. Les sent in a follow-up email:

Hello Paul,

Bruce Neal showed up on June 6th with his copy of the Meet of the Motor Cycle Club, St. John's and since my last email to you I found a 1914 postcard on ebay showing the same scene. The postage stamp on the card appears to be Nov 1914 (?) so that helps with the date. I thought the Triumphs were a bit newer than that. The postcard is coloured but the lettering on it is in black while the copy from Bruce shows the lettering in red. Ayre & Sons Limited produced the postcard. So there seem to be a couple of sources for that photo. The ebay dealer is from St. John's and withdrew the item due to an error in the listing, I believe. It's now been re-listed. Les Winsor, Mount Pearl

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