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West switched to a club when the jack of spades was ducked all around. South scooped the jack, cashed the ace and crossed to the ace of di­a­monds to play off the club king. East ruffed with the eight of hearts as de­clarer dis­carded a spade. East re­turned a di­a­mond for the jack and queen but the exit of a club was trumped by East with the king of hearts. South could not score more than his five top tricks and the partscore was down two, N-S 200.

West ac­cepted the in­suf­fi­cient bid by pass­ing at once, con­vey­ing his de­sire to de­fend a heart con­tract and deny­ing a good hand. There­fore, one heart be­came the final con­tract when all passed.

If West had not ac­cepted the one heart over­call, then South would have have been com­pelled to make it suf­fi­cient by cor­rect­ing to two hearts or make any other le­gal call ex­cept double. In the lat­ter case, North would be barred for the en­tire auc­tion. North should have been aware of what was go­ing on when West ac­cepted the in­suf­fi­cient call. He should make haste to ad­vance to 1NT, a partscore that would be far su­pe­rior to hearts. Even if South re­bids two di­a­monds in this sce­nario, this would land the part­ner­ship in a playable con­tract.

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